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FOR 6 figure COACHES & Online Business owners

5 Month Sistermind  for
Visionary Women Coaches & Online Business Owners, who want to elevate their business beyond 6 figures, consistently.

It's your time to rise!
You won't find cookie cutter strategy here, we're here for:

as good

A life that feels



Soul aligned

as it looks.

You've had some success but together we're going to take it to the next level

Ready to get going?

You are a visionary and here to answer your calling; to be of high service to others, with your gifts.

You have a big mission and message.
You're not like most...

You want to be in the top % of coaches / online business owners and
THE go to expert in your field.; with soulmate clients, premium products / services and beautiful branding, because... you are your business and your work is a reflection of your soul.

You want a business that gives you more freedom; to travel, create and spend more time with your loved ones.

You want your bank balance to be abundant, as an energetic exchange for your soul work.

You want a home that inspires and comforts you, to feel grateful everyday to be surrounded by things that were once on your vision board.

This no longer needs to be in the future, you can align with it all now.

This is the container for you to: 
Remember who you REALLY are.
What you TRULY desire.
SEE it all manifest.

Do you visualise running events and masterminds around the world? Speaking on global stages?  Getting published? 
Seen as THE thought leader in your field?

How would it feel for your soulmate clients to join you in stunning locations, in places like: Bali,  LA, London,  Paris?

Maybe you want a high ticket only, bespoke service based business or perhaps  more online products and services, for more passive income?

Imagine having a team supporting your vision, so you can delegate tasks that aren't in your 'zone of creation' and you can focus on what lights you up?

You have a waitlist of  soulmate clients.

Multiple 5-figure months.

You run a business that is aligned with your soul and truly excites you.

You're  making more money than ever before, while doing so much less than ever before.

Most importantly you have a life you're in love with and a  business that's making a big impact in the lives of others.

Inside this vortex...

You're not like most women.
You're here to dream big and receive it all.

You desire more: harmony, flow, joy, abundance

You started your business to be of high service to others, to make a positive impact in the world and to create a beautiful life for yourself.

You had dreams of traveling the world, making a difference, while making bank, at the beach?! Sharing from your heart and calling in your soulmate clients, who invest in themselves and your work with ease.

And you're doing it!

You've grown a community, you've replaced (and then some) your corporate salary! Now it's time to 10x it.

You are no longer available for anything less than soul-aligned!
It's time to choose to only work with soulmate clients, to elevate your income to more than just enough. It's time to grow your community, your team and your impact! It's time to receive the support of a high-level coach and mentor, who will lovingly call out your bs, help you alchemise your limits and raise your vibration, so that you are MAGNETIC to your desires.

Together we'll align you to your heart's true desires, for a SUPER successful AND deeply fulfilling freedom-based online business. 


HER EMPIRE is a 5-month high-vibrational vortex, for heart-centered women in business, who are ready to expand to their highest expression and quantum leap to the next level; for multiple 6 figure+ years.

This is a devotional journey for the awakened woman, it's not for everyone.... but neither are you! This is an exclusive, intimate inner-circle. with bespoke
mentorship and coaching, to meet you where you're at. With me as your coach... I'm not just the face of Fierce Femme, I am your guide, your cheerleader, your coach, your sister.

Expanding your capacity to receive...

Then one day she decided to become the woman she'd always wanted to be.

No one mastermind with me is the same! I'm a super intuitive coach and will work with you as an individual, meeting you where you're at now. You will believe in yourself more than ever before, activating abundance in every corner of your life. This is miracle consciousness in action.

Which is why we don't offer one size fits all coaching or strategies! Because what fits one won't necessarily fit another.... we're all different shapes, sizes and souls!

We work with and develop the best strategy for YOU! With SUPER POWERFUL intuitive coaching and mentoring, an abundance of resources, group coaching calls (with 1-1 add on optional), meditations & activators, inner circle of your soul sisters and your questions answered when you need.

Gone are the days of speaking and selling from strategy, NOW is the time of speaking and SERVING from soul.

This is not a course or programme to follow, this is a  mastermind!
You won't get any step-by-step plans here that might not work for you.

This is powerful coaching and mentorship, lead by me and my incredible team, supported by your HER EMPIRE sisters... women who live and lead by example!

We'll hold nothing back and share what works but you  choose how you want to work and we create a strategy and business to support your lifestyle.
How did my client generate 100k in 3 months?  We're sharing it.
How she took her business to multi 6 figure in the first year? We're sharing it.

But this is YOUR experience and container, we'll show up 100% but you must too!
We'll expect you to ask for what you need,  tell us what you want and give yourself permission to be FULLY present and SHOW UP for yourself.

Your business is an extension of you
and an expression of your soul...

You are ready to activate higher abundance in every area of your life: health, wealth, love. 

You know there’s so much more available to you and you are ready to step into it.

You are tired of  seeing the same cookie cutter businesses and leaders operating from ego.

You are ready to own your power, supersize your confidence and step into the woman you've always wanted to be. The woman you really are.

You are ready to create a more highly profitable, purposeful business / purpose-driven work around your dream lifestyle.

You know mindset, energy work with soul aligned strategy is where the power lies and you're ready to align for your highest.

You crave more soulful and meaningful connections, conversations, fun, freedom and expression.

You want to create a thriving businesses / work as a catalyst for change and a positive impact in the world.

You aren't afraid to be challenged on limits, old patterns and beliefs.

You're deeply soulful and desire to be highly successful. You are no longer available to struggle or sacrifice.

You love luxury and the best life has to offer but crave more adventure and are as happy in heels, in the city or barefoot on the beach.

Fierce Femme are awake, activated and abundant.

There are now TONS of mentors, coaches, healers, programmes, masterminds and communities out there but none of them will work if they're not soul-aligned and holistic...

Mind, body, soul, energy, confidence, strategy and structure....
We need to work with them all, if you're working with someone who's too heavily focused in one area and not the others, they'll always be something missing!

Strategy won't work without soul.
Mindset won't work without embodiment.

Many will teach one without the other.
Strategy without soul-alignment will leave you bored, burnout and broke. Soul without strategy will leave you ungrounded and spinning your wheels.

HER EMPIRE is a artful dance between them all.
Spiritual and strategic.

There is no balance but there is harmony.
This will set you free.

You get to work with who you want, when you want, how you want.
Create more money than ever before, while working so much less than ever before <<< an actual quote from one of my mastermind clients!!

“Let you never surrender to success, let success surrender to you”

-yogi bhajan

Doubling your current revenue and hitting 20K-50K+ months as you elevate your business

You choose the energy you bring, what you want to receive and what you'll takeaway; with powerful coaching from me, my team and access to my friends and contacts for guest expert support

Fully booked 1-1s and expanding into retreats, masterminds, group programmes and other revenue streams

Speaking on global stages, launching a successful podcast, or writing for Forbes, Business Insider, Thrive, Huffpost...  your book?
It's time to position yourself as the thought-leader you are!

Only working with soulmate clients, who are a HELL YES before you even speak, because your work resonates with their heartDoubling your revenue and hitting $20K-$50K months as you scale fast and furious. Finally!

A dream team and systems in your business, so you can show up and do the work that lights you up and is your one of creation

Making money is no longer your core focus or driver, you can start giving back and focusing on making more of an impact

Doing business YOUR way, becuase their way never felt good or worked for you

Creating soul aligned success

 I am blessed to be following what lights me up; as an actor, writer, speaker and  Spiritual Success Coach; Supporting women around the world to create their own version of soul aligned success and a life that feels as good as it looks. 

My clients are high-achieving soul led women, coaches, online entrepreneurs, conscious leaders, influencers and creatives. 

As an actor I have been blessed to work in films with Hollywood actors; such as Damian Lewis & Ewan McGreggor, have appeared in one of the UK’s leading soaps, Eastenders.

I have had a lot of fun; travelling the world, running retreats and speaking on stages and it has been a blast and this year, I can honestly say I have never felt more alive, energised, in love, excited, inspired or grateful…

And I'm never happier than when at home, in the UK, with my boyfriend and fur babies, on lots of hikes and outdoor adventures.

My life feels good from the inside out.
Is it free of challenges? No. But I am able to meet them with more grace and respond, rather than react to life; with thanks to my community, coaches, friends, family and my spiritual practices and tools…

I started with 0 and it took me over a decade in business to create the life and freedom I truly wanted and I didn't do it alone. I've personally invested a lot in working with some of the world's best coaches and mentors; travelling the world and being surrounded people who embody their success and leadership.

Most of all I now trust source and life unfolding exactly as it’s meant to.

Enough of the hustle and overwhelm.

It is totally possible to have a career and life you love, and you don't have to wait.

I've been supporting visionary women, like you, since 2014, to create, grow and elevate their businesses. It's your time to rise. Let's do it together.

I've been supporting visionary women like you since 2014

Align your mindset
Align your body
Align your energy centres and field
Align your environment: people, places and things.

How would it feel to begin now? 
Clean slate.
New page.

From the highest life states of surrendered and awakened you will become a master manifestor and magnet for your desires.

No more chasing:
Clients, opportunities, love, money, wellbeing, peace… your own tail!

It's time to Align & Rise

Magick happens when women support one another. When we gather for a common purpose, we are a force to be reckoned with!

It’s time for you to listen.
Time to rediscover:
Who you really are? 
What you truly desire? 
It’s time to surrender and lean into allowing others to support you, the universe to support you.

Radiant Health, Unconditional Love, and the Awakening of Your Highest Abundance.


We'll connect on zoom every week, for a group coaching call. You will have chance to be coached by me and receive guidance and support for next steps and actions and to work through any blocks.
Calls will include high level coaching and techniques to support your highest abundance and frequency. Calls will also be recorded and available for you to deepen your insights and access the replay on the go and whenever you need a boost. 

The Details:


Connect with me and your sisters, between calls; for feedback, support, reflections and sharing. This is your community hub for everything throughout our journey.


You will have the online training and group coaching programme  plus 6x 1-1 sessions.

Usually only available to premium 1-1 clients!

Enter; her empire

JOIN US and elevate your life and business today


Like NLP but for the whole body...
Learn how to access and align your most powerful mind, body and energy, for whole system coherence and your highest expression; activating abundance in all life areas.


calls & training

private members

group + Site

"You challenged me to create 100k in 3 months and with your support I did it!"

I select a very exclusive group of women to join us in HER EMPIRE, to ensure you’re all aligned and on-fire together.
The programme is application only, and if you’d like to join us, you can apply below: 

You’re willing to do the deep inner and outer work, to release the struggle and stretch out of your comfort zone for radical growth.

You’ll bring your enthusiasm and optimism to co-create a beautiful experience for all.

You’re totally lit up by the thought of a close community with other brilliant, ambitious, loving and supportive women.

You care deeply about being in alignment with your choices in business and in life and leading from that place 


Don't waste anymore time in overwhelm and fear, constantly searching for the next course that will give you the tools you need to move forwards and create the business / work and life you desire.

You don't need more information, you need more insight.
Insight into who you truly are, what you really desire and how to take inspired action to create the next level business and lifestyle you dream of.

This mentorship will be one of the best investments you'll ever make! It will help you skyrocket your self-belief and confidence, while enabling you to accelerate your success, help you to get clear on your next steps and energetic focus to reach your next level, make a difference in the world and receive a great income.  

Let's make your now dreams a now reality


APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN!! For June-Oct  (inclusive) 2021!! 
Join NOW and also receive these amazing BONUSES:
- 60 Min Activation 1-1 Session with Lou
- Complimentary access to The Business of Coaching online programme & Her Voice 
with: meditations, business resources and training.
^^ BONUS VALUE ALONE = over £4000!

**Limited spaces available on application only, apply below.**

Lou xx

It's time to grow your empire