Transformational speaker + coach, presenter, writer+ actor.
Mindset + Manifesting Queen!

Hey! I''m Lou George

I've gone from charging by the hour for my coaching services (for anyone who'd pay me) to sustaining a multi 6 figure  (and growing) coaching business, while traveling the world and working with rockstar, soulmate clients!

My clients are spiritual, high-achieving: women online entrepreneurs, healers, coaches, creatives.

From creating first high-end programmes and clients, becoming fully booked, getting more visible on stage and screen, published books, running their own retreats and events, worldwide and scaling to their first 5, 10, 20 and even 100k+ months; it's my absolute honour and pleasure to see my clients activate their SoulFire and Align & Rise to create the income and impact they desire in their business and lives that feel as good as they look.

Triggered and inspired, my envy and exhaustion had helped me find the spark that would light my fire! 

Enough of the financial feast to famine cycle, enough of working all hours of the day trying to figure it out on my own, enough of not being able to make an impact or being able to support the people I knew I could really help and enough of not living in my Pinterest board!

Sitting at my dining room table in our small basement flat in London, I scrolled down my Facebook feed for probably the 15th time that day. My right hand swiping down on my mousepad, left hand under my cheekbone supporting my glum face.

‘How come she’s working with dream clients, traveling the world, moving into a new home, creating more money in a month than I have in a year?’

"What is happening? Why can't I make this work? What is she doing that I'm not? That's it! I've had enough!"

That moment I decided I was no longer available to live a mediocre life. I decided I was no longer available to be just making enough money to get by and I decided it was time to do whatever it took to fully uncover and step into my power, to create the impact I knew I was here to make and to support others in doing the same.

how i got here

at the end of 2015, i'd had enough!

with my burning desire, a powerful purpose and a non-negotiable decision - everything changed. 

               I went ALL IN for the first time. I invested in myself and my company, I started working with high level coaches and mentors, I got clear on what I truly desired and on the BS keeping me stuck. 
I reconnected with my purpose, power and tribe.

And the Universe met my momentum halfway. I created my first £10k package, and I sold 2 in 48 hours.

And the best bit? These incredible highly invested clients didn’t come to me because I had a complicated marketing funnel or strategy in place, or because they were the ‘1%’ on my small email list. I’d created these beautiful ideal clients through deep and meaningful conversations and soulful connections and because I was aligned with what I desired: energetically, vibrationally, mentally, emotionally. 

And that’s the way I’ve built my business ever since. 

And in that moment - 


I’ve experienced first-hand the incredible reality you can consciously create when you lead from your purpose, when you step into your power, when you make your version of success non-negotiable, and when you bust through the BS beliefs that have been holding you back.

I’ve now created a multi-six-figure company, work with the most awe-inspiring clients globally, and run events, retreats and masterminds in my favourite places around the world. I’ve created the most beautiful, blissful business and life experience, from a place of ease, flow and soulful connection

My company formed because I got clear on what I desired and I realised that I have it within ME to achieve more than I had ever allowed myself to imagine before.

I’ve enjoyed my highest income months when I’m having fun, travelling the world and living and leading by example. I’ve supported my clients in creating the dream business and abundant lives they crave, full of their own high-level clients and beautiful experiences. 

And I’m here to support you to uncover and unlock the innate brilliance you have within YOU, to dig deep on the old stories keeping you stuck, and to help you align powerfully with your purpose, so you can access and step into your full power.

No more struggle. 

It’s time to activate your superpowers.

There’s not another second to spare playing small, safe or scared. 

If you’re here to live fully, consciously, and your full wise, wild and wealthy self during your time on this planet, then get ready to go for it.

And to go for it with all your heart. You deserve it.

I’m deeply intuitive and will cut through to what’s really going on for you.

Some things you need to know about me: 

I am a fearless coach and I’ll call you on your BS when I feel it’s required.

I see you and your brilliance, gifts and talents, and I will reflect it back to you until you can see it for yourself.

I’m here to lovingly challenge you to your full capacity, because I know you’re not available for anything less.

Fun and adventure are all part of my process so expect some exciting surprises.

A transformational life and success coach, speaker, author and actor.

Media Bio

Lou is the Founder & head coach at & host of The Lou George Show Podcast. She has been an entrepreneur for over 12 years & a leading life & success coaches since 2014; supporting: entrepreneurs, creatives, celebrities & leaders in taking their lives & businesses to the next level; helping many small businesses grow from 0 to 6 figures + in their first year. 

Lou's main focus as a coach is supporting successful, purpose-driven entrepreneurs & creatives in connecting to their internal compass, creating a positive impact & a life that feels as good as it looks. Her clients have included: coaches, psychotherapists, mentors, consultants, lawyers, barristers, bankers, actors, producers, speakers, writers, musicians, designers, artists & athletes. 

As a sought after coach Lou has been invited to speak as an expert, around the world at events such as: The Awakened Woman Conference in Bali, The Positivity Summit In NYC, Vogue Cafe in London & Mind Body Spirit Festival in Birmingham. Louise has also been featured in publications such as: Thrive Global, Psychologies Magazine, Mind Body Spirit, Hay House blog, The Business Journals & Huffington Post. 

Lou is also an experienced, professional & passionate actress and TV presenter, with 20 years experience, having played a range of roles both on stage and screen.

You can currently see Lou in ‘Our Kind of Traitor’, with Damian Lewis, on Netflix and Amazon, as well as 'City Slacker’, which was nominated for Best British Feature at Raindance Film Festival & a BIFA in 2012. Louise has also appeared in one of the UK’s longest running & most popular soaps: Eastenders.

When not working you will often find Lou in the outdoors: stand up paddle boarding, running or hiking with her boyfriend and their dogs.

Lou George