A 12 month mastermind for the woman entrepreneur,
stepping onto global stages

It's your game, your rules, so why play small?
You have a big vision and mission and you’re being called to FULLY claim and step into it!
Impacting and generating MILLIONS 🔥🔥


meets intuition


meets soul.


meets alignment.

My clients are super successful AMPLIFIED Woman leaders… are you called to join them?

It's your time and We've got you! Let's go!!! ⬇

It's not just one thing! It's an alignment of many...

Have CLEAR product(s) / service(s)
Believe in it (and yourself
Sell it

Self-Concept & subconscious programming
Elevated identity & ENERGY to match ^^
Aligned Actions

Consistent: connection, invitations, offers & proposals (sales!)
Clear brand identity & energy
Relevant products / services to audience
Intimacy & service... a large following doesn't matter! How deeply you serve them does!

^^ Mostly, it's ALL about relationships! The one thing that'll NEVER change in business (and life) is that it's all about relationships! And the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone and foundation for every other relationship you'll have.

If you don't fully believe in yourself and what you do and SHOW UP POWERFULLY, every day, neither will the clients or money!

6-7 figures in business is relatively simple, what's challenging is working against unconscious limiting beliefs.

But aren't you tired of not living the full, freedom based life you desire?
Then continue reading....

If you know it's time to become UNAPOLOGETICALLY the woman you were born to be and you're prepared to filly show up, back yourself and do the work (smarter, not harder!) ↓

It's time for you to rise.

Amplified Woman

Create coherence between your head brain, heart and access the ancient inner wisdom of your intuition.

Align your energy centres and amplify your field.

Strengthen your body-mind system to make better decisions, be more present and think beyond your limitations and environmental conditions.

Consciously create your reality and rise to your next level.

This is where you remember:
who you really are
what you truly desire
and SEE it all manifest.

Traditional success is not enough.
Mediocrity is not enough.
Your soul demands more.

Everything you want already exists.
The people, experiences, opportunities, money, wellbeing...
There's nothing for you to get or attract, it's waiting for you to choose it and align to it!
Self-Concept is key!
What identity have you created for yourself?
Who are you?
Most will answer with their family role, job title, accolades, titles...
But none of that matters!
Because the traditional paradigm of success is not enough! 
What matters is you being completely grounded in who you REALLY are without all of that. 
Are you?
If it all disappeared today would you remain centred, grounded and safe in your being?
Everything is working out FOR ME!

Mmmmm, THAT is a beautiful place to be.
A deep trust in yourself, life, the Universe/God that even in your darkest hours life is working for you AND you are strong, capable, powerful and it's safe to flow with it AND have what you desire.

An unshakable self-concept, self love, belief and respect, which is being mirrored back to you in every relationship, opportunity and your entire life experience.

It's time...


You are ready to activate higher abundance in every area of your life: health, wealth, love. 

You feel there’s so much more available to you and you are ready to step into it.

You are tired of  seeing the same cookie cutter businesses and leaders operating from ego.

You are ready to own your power, supersize your confidence and step into the woman you've always wanted to be. The woman you really are.

You are ready to create a more highly profitable, purposeful business / purpose-driven work around your dream lifestyle.

You know mindset, energy work with soul aligned strategy is where the power lies and you're ready to align for your highest creativity.

You crave more soulful and meaningful connections, conversations, fun, freedom and expression.

You want to create a thriving businesses / work as a catalyst for change and a positive impact in the world.

You aren't afraid to be challenged on limits, old patterns and beliefs.

You're deeply soulful and desire to be highly successful. You are no longer available to struggle or sacrifice.

You love luxury and the best life has to offer but crave more adventure and are as happy in heels, in the city or barefoot on the beach.

We love experience and adventure and we meet in luxurious, inspiring locations immersed in nature. No stuffy boardrooms here!

There are lots of coaches out there, programmes, self-help, strategies, mentors, religions, communities but none of them will work for you, if they’re not soul aligned!

There’s no ONE strategy. No one way. 
The only way is your way.
The answer to most of your questions is:


Alignment with yourself.
Alignment with your heart.
Alignment with your soul.
Alignment with your desires.

Your highest energy

It means shedding the skin and dropping the illlusions of ego self.
Courageously stepping into the unknown, the silence, the space.

But that is where the magick happens.

99.9% of creation is space.
New is birthed from space.


All need space.

Your internal world is creating the experience of your external world and it’s time to re-energise.
Your external world is influencing your internal world and it’s time to re-set.

To live your best life of:
Radiant Health, Unconditional Love, and the Awakening of Your Highest Abundance

“It’s your road and yours alone.
Others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you.”

Together we’ll delve into the nooks of what’s been holding you back.

You’ll strip back the layers to reveal your power.

You’ll crack open the sides that don’t often see the light..

Until you’re living out and leading from the most fully-expressed, confident, authentic and powerful version of YOU.

Being devoted to yourself first.
Waking up feeling grateful, refreshed, easing into the morning, with a rituals that fill you up for the day ahead.

Sitting down with your warm lemon water and taking some deep nourishing breaths, to tune in (before scrolling your phone!) with meditation, energy activation, alignment and setting your intentions for the day. Your Miracle Morning.

You receive guidance on your exact next steps and feel confident, calm, energised and excited.
You're grounded and peaceful, with a knowing that everything is always working out for you and your next steps are divinely guided.

Before taking any action you make sure you are filled up; you move your body, stretch and tap into your highest self and mindset, before taking care of others or sitting down to work. You are so grateful to be fully booked and working on your passions, with your soulmate clients / team, who feel more like friends; while they also trust you, as the leader you are, to guide and walk beside them on their journey.

It feels so amazing to be able to focus on working in your zone of genius, with an incredible team supporting you.
You are thriving in your work, loving life and finally able to work when you want, how you want, to spend more time for you: traveling, playing, with your loved ones and investing in the lifestyle and future you desire.

Your work comes from your heart, with an aligned strategy to support you in elevating your business / career to your next level. Your energy practice enables you to continue expanding, without hustle, overwhelm or burning out.
You are no longer stressed, worried or taking action from lack, fear or the past but are instead living in joy and gratitude for this life and work that creates the income and impact you once could only dream of.


 I am blessed to be following what lights me up; as an actor, writer, speaker and  mentor; Supporting women around the world to create their own version of soul aligned success and a life that feels as good as it looks. 

My clients are high-achieving soul led women, entrepreneurs and leaders; multi 6 & 7 figure+ online entrepreneurs, celebrities, conscious leaders, influencers and creatives. 

As an actor I have been blessed to work in films with Hollywood actors; such as Damian Lewis & Ewan McGreggor, have appeared in one of the UK’s leading soaps, Eastenders. I'm also currently writing my first TV screenplay.

I have had a lot of fun; travelling the world, running retreats and speaking on stages and it has been a blast and this year, I can honestly say I have never felt more alive, energised, in love, excited, inspired or grateful…

And I'm never happier than when at home, in the UK, with my fur babies, on lots of hikes and outdoor adventures.

My life feels good from the inside out.
Is it free of challenges? No. But I am able to meet them with more grace and respond, rather than react to life; with thanks to my community, coaches, friends, family and my spiritual practices and tools…

I started with 0 and it took me over a decade in business to create the life and freedom I truly wanted and I didn't do it alone. I've personally invested a lot in working with some of the world's best coaches and mentors, travelling the world and being surrounded people who embody their success and leadership.

Most of all I now trust source and life unfolding exactly as it’s meant to.

Enough of the hustle.

Your life and business doesn’t need more strategy, it needs more soul.
You don't need more information, you need more insight.

It is totally possible to have a career and life you love, and you don't have to wait.

Radiant Health, Unconditional Love, and the Awakening of Your Highest Expression is awaiting you. I would be honoured to walk beside you and be your guide.

I  followed my soul

• Identify and unlock your next level identity and innate Shakti power with focused meditation, breath and embodied activation work.

• Align with your highest truth and desires, so you can feel over the moon excitement about what you want and how to surrender to it manifesting

• Soulful, insightful and intuitive approach to setting and reaching your goals, in your work / business and life

• Tapping into your intuition to guide your decisions

• Aligning mind and body wisdom, with higher consciousness, working with universal laws for more flow

• Doing less and BE-ing more 

The coaching is bespoke for your needs, but some of the topics we cover, include: 

mindset: Strategy Meets Soul

• A soulful and savvy approach to marketing, so you can finally enjoy the business side of business / work

• Simple and powerful business and client creation models, to take you to focused, on-fire and fully-booked with highly invested clients / opportnuities

• Identify  and rewire the deep-rooted beliefs and limiting beliefs and blocks once and for all 

• Activate confidence out of your comfort zone and rewire the fear, to rise to your next level

• Identify and integrate the parts of you you’re shying away from in your career / life

• Uncover and re-programme the worries, blocks, and attachments that are preventing flow

manifestation: Intellect Meets Intuition

• Fierce focus so you can cut the busy, avoid burnout and know exactly where to focus your attention

• Explore your ideal business model or next career move, based on your true vision for your life and work

• Miracle Mindset to help you feel great every day and become magnetic to the things you want

• Weekly actions to help you stay focused and in flow, to switch on that tap of abundance and watch your manifestations roll in

• Learn powerful mBIT (multi Brain Integration Techniques - like NLP but for the whole mind and body!), Meditation, Breath and Energetic work, to amplify your field, magnetism and innate power

• Kundalini Kriyas to activate your energy and elevate your frequency

magnetism: Action Meets Alignment 


We'll connect on a live zoom call every other week, for a group coaching. You will have chance to be coached / mentored by Lou and receive guidance and support for next steps and actions and to work through any blocks.
Calls will include high level coaching and techniques to support your highest abundance and frequency. Calls will also be recorded and available for you to deepen your insights and access the replay on the go and whenever you need a boost. 

The Details:


Connect with Lou and your sisters, between calls; for feedback, support, reflections and sharing. This is your community hub for everything throughout our journey.

I AM an amplified woman


We gather for a 3 day retreat, in 
Cornwall, UK / Spain.
Including: hot seat coaching, rituals and ceremonies, Kundalini Yoga, time in nature, delicious vegetarian food and an evening dinner celebration.
You're responsible for travel, accommodation and some food (dinner out included on first night, with breakfast snacks and lunches at venue, daily).

TBC 2024 Cornwall

JOIN US and elevate your life today

Activate your most powerful energy with kundalini rising activations, to cut through your subconscious blocks and harness the power of your most potent and magnetic energy, FAST!


Like NLP but for the whole body...
Learn how to access and align your most powerful mind, body and energy, for whole system coherence and your highest expression; activating abundance in all life areas.


calls & training

private members

group + Site

platinum events


"Working with Lou was the best investment I have ever made in my life & business! I've taken my business to multiple 6 figure years, have a fully booked coaching practice & am running my own retreats worldwide."


I select a very exclusive group of women to join us in this salon, to ensure you’re all aligned and on-fire together.
The programme is application only, and if you’d like to join us, you can apply below:.

You’re willing to do the deep inner and outer work, to release the struggle and stretch out of your comfort zone for radical growth.

You’ll bring your enthusiasm and optimism to co-create a beautiful experience for all.

You’re totally lit up by the thought of a close community with other brilliant, ambitious, loving and supportive women.

You care deeply about being in alignment with your choices in business and in life and leading from that place 


Don't waste anymore time in overwhelm and fear, constantly searching for the next course that will give you the tools you need to move forwards and create the business / work and life you desire.

You don't need more information, you need more insight.
Insight into who you truly are, what you really desire and how to take inspired action to create the next level business and lifestyle you dream of.

This mentorship will be one of the best investments you'll ever make! It will help you skyrocket your self-belief and confidence, while enabling you to accelerate your success, help you to get clear on your next steps and energetic focus to reach your next level, make a difference in the world and receive a great income.  

Let's make your now dreams a now reality



Join NOW and also receive these amazing BONUSES:
- Money, Mindset & Magnetism Masterclass - become magnetic AF to everything you desire: love, health, money
- Manifestation FREQ online course and memnership - Transform your beliefs and become a master manifestor
- Business Academy - learn the (6fig+) business of coaching and online marketing
- Complimentary access to our coaching hub, with: meditations, coaching resources and training.
^^ BONUS VALUE ALONE = over £3000!

**Limited spaces available on application only, apply below.**

Lou xx