Actress, speaker, author & transformational success Coach, Lou George, will inspire you to stop settling for a mediocre life, and to reach for extraordinary.

Her soulful approach to success will help you get clear on your purpose, motivate you to pursue your passions, provide you with the practical tools and steps to break through your limits and supersize your confidence, and reignite the #SoulFire in your belly to create the business and life you dream of.

to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs to drop the hustle and struggle and instead learn how to cultivate a soulful approach to success.

I’m here to show you how to consciously create the life you dream of from a place of ease, flow, deep and meaningful connection and conversation, and living and leading by example, so you can be on #SoulFire every single day. This is my inside out revolution for success. 

Audiences can expect to feel: energised, uplifted, shifted, moved to tears, on-fire towards their desires, pulsing with passion to pursue their dreams, and unstoppable in their quest to create their dream business and life. 

The toolkit I share through my speaking topics will provide powerful, insightful and impactful ways to stop settling for mediocre, and reach for extraordinary. 

I  am on a mission 

In our fast paced, busy obsessed world, business owners and professionals are getting caught up in focusing on the external: empty goals, other people’s money targets, complicated marketing strategies and funnels. 

Soul Fire - the inside out revolution for success 

Living With More Passion, Purpose & Profits - Building A Six Figure Business

Fierce Focus For Financial Freedom

Create The Business & Life You Desire

An Introduction to The Desire Map & Setting Goals With Soul 

Clarity & Confidence For Success In Business


I’ve been an entrepreneur for 15 years, coaching for over a decade and over the past 6 years, I’ve taken my current business from 0,  to multi 6 figures  a year, working with dream clients, speaking at events around the world and running my own. Best of all, I’m working less, spending time doing work I LOVE and I have created an incredible business that supports my lifestyle - and I’m passionate and dedicated to sharing how you can do the same. 

Why me?

I believe success begins from the inside out, and without the inner work, the hustle, struggle, complicated marketing systems, and spending money, time and energy on the outside only leads to burnout, resentment, and zero freedom. I’ve grown my business through focusing on my mindset, energy, how I want to feel, building beautiful relationships and connections, and I’m here to share with you the power in that and how you can create a thriving business simply from being more YOU! It’s time to drop the BS struggle and reconnect to your (super) power! 

My spiritual and holistic coaching approach

Whether that be my YouTube Channel, Daily Facebook Lives, Speaking Globally, or running my Events, Retreats & Masterminds, my passion lies in engaging and connecting with like-minded ambitious women and supporting them to up-level in every area of their lives. 

I’m most at home in front of an audience

I consistently invest in my own coaches and mentors and have been coached by some of the most powerful leaders in the industry. 
As a Certified Transformational Divine Living Coach, part of Rich Livin’s 4PC mastermind and Millionaire Mindset Intensive, I walk my talk and I’m committed to sharing what I learn with you. My story is open to your enquiry and I’d love to answer any and all questions you have to support you / your audience.

The kind of Q & A where nothing is off the table

I’m here to help you realise, access and step into your full power. Because you deserve everything you’ve ever wanted, and so much more. 

It’s time to drop the struggle and focus on flow, strategy and soulful connection, business and bliss - that’s where it’s at. I’m here to support you in consciously creating the kind of lifestyle you want to kiss - where you’ve stepped into your Pinterest board, become the woman you’ve always wanted to be, and are living out the vision you once only dreamed of! 

I’ve built a multi-six-figure coaching company through soulful connections and deep and meaningful conversations. I’ve enjoyed my highest income months when I’m having fun, travelling the world and living and leading by example. I’ve supported my clients in creating the dream business and abundant life they crave. My company formed because I got clear on what I deeply desired and I realised that I have it within ME to achieve more than I had ever allowed myself to imagine before.

And I’m here to support you to uncover and unlock YOUR unique superpowers so you can access and step into your full power

I see you and what you’re truly capable of. And I’ll lovingly challenge you into reaching that full capacity. I’m deeply intuitive and I’ll hold the space for you to go to the depths of your blocks, and I’ll call you on your bs whenever I feel it’s required. 

This is where soul meets strategy, and intellect meets heart-centred intuition and insight.

Certified & award winning: transformational life and success coach, presenter, writer and actor.

Hey, I'm Lou George