Mindset, Manifestation &
Wealth Activation Course

Connect to your desires
Clear your blocks,
Create a life and career you love!





Drop the


Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you feel stuck but you're not sure how to change it? 

Do you feel you're meant for more but you're not sure what action to take?

Are you frustrated by your current situation and  want to create change?

Have you done a lot of inner work but feel there are still some deep routed beliefs holding you back?

Do you want to create a powerful mindset? To feel more empowered & confident, in your life & career?

Do you want to take the next step and create, grow or elevate your business but you're on the hamster wheel of doing?

Do you know you're worthy of SO MUCH MORE but don’t have the confidence or clarity to ask for more?

Do you choose to break free from past stories, limiting beliefs and cut the chords to anything holding you back with love , money and your highest expression of wellbeing?

So many incredible people aren't creating the life they truly desire because the just don't believe it's possible or maybe they do but can't seem to break free from limiting beliefs, patterns and circumstances holding them back... they don't have the confidence or support to change it, so years go by and they still don't realise their full potential.

Anything less than your highest expression is a huge waste of your gifts, talents and you being in any sort of financial struggle serves no one!









Since 2014 I’ve supported 1000’s of people to create, grow and elevate their dream lives & businesses and this work is a HUGE part of it!

I want to support you with the mindset, energy and actions of my most successful clients.... And create a life that feels as good as it looks, even when the world around you is chaotic! 

With this programme you will completely transform your relationship with love, health, money and yourself, to support you to elevate your life and confidence!

We’ll dive deep into and re-code any limiting subconscious beliefs, shift your energy and self concept, as well as give you some practical tools to focus on more consciously creating the life you want! This is not your average  course and neither are the results my clients get.

The programme combines mindset and embodiment coaching and clearing of your limiting beliefs, to transform any negative patterns and limits you have and help you become a more intentional manifestor.

The programme is delivered via 8 pre recorded modules, with teaching, meditations and POWERFUL activations, plus weekly  live sessions (which are recorded if you can’t make it live)….AND there’s a high vibrational private community to support you on your journey over these 8 weeks and beyond.

Welcome toManifestation Freq


In just a few hours you could be completely clear on what you want, free from the overwhelm holding you back and focused on the next steps to manifest what you want ⚡️

  "This is like years of traditional therapy and coaching in hours!"

There are certain tools and processes that will help you tap into your unlimited potential and unique calling! 

You’re here for a purpose but maybe you don’t know what that is, or perhaps you do but don’t know how to manifest it!?
Or maybe you’re living a version of it but don’t know what’s next?

Where do you go from here? 
How do you break free from the overwhelm? procrastination? indecision? 

You have all the answers within and in just a few hours you can not only unlock them and know exactly what it is you want and but also become the person aligned with it and have a clear focus for your next steps to manifest it.

Business / Career
Love & Relationships 
Wellbeing & Lifestyle

Imagine feeling freedom and having clarity on what you want and how to manifest it 🤸‍♀️

Whether you want to tap into this yourself or also want to become a coach or add this to your existing practice…


Connect to your desires
Clear your blocks,
Create a life and business you love!

This is like YEARS of therapy and coaching in hours!! AND even better than that, it is a self-paced online programme, you can go through in your own time and comfort and come back to anytime you like! With the most incredible community of CODED coaches and practitioners, to walk beside you every day!

This is where:
Soul meets strategy
Action meets alignment 
Intellect meets intuition

For your soul-aligned success and a life that feels as good as it looks! 

>> You can also become a coded coach! <<
If you join us as a coach you get this CODED practitioners programme FREE! AND learn the business of coaching and online marketing <<

this is about activating your highest abundance in all life areas.

I am going to guide you to create space to receive what you truly desire.
You'll get clear on what you really want and a focused plan to create it.

This is a devotional journey to:

Programme your mindset for success

Break free from limiting beliefs around creating the life you really want

Align your head and body wisdom, to ground fear and create with more soul

Activate your energy centres and amplify your energy field

BEcome more magnetic to everything you want to manifest

Work WITH universal laws

Become UNAPOLOGETIC about what you REALLY want and UNSTOPPABLE in your ability to manifest it!

In CODED we will go deep into the layers of what's been keeping you stuck for all these years, to drop the struggle and TURN UP the soul!

This is a safe, uplifting, high vibrational and fun environment to support you in elevating your life.

You will leave this programme completely up-levelled, with my unwavering belief and support and a circle of  other like-minded people who have your back, you will never be available for anything less than your highest again.
Your life forever transformed to match your vision board.


Your external world is
reflecting your internal world.

Everything is energy and you're manifesting things aligned to yours.

You are no longer available for anything less than your true desires! It's time to remember who you really are and see it all manifest. I want you to know: it's all possible.
Let's create it!

You'll learn powerful tools, techniques and practices to support you in transforming your relationship with yourself and become a master manifestor.

These are the same techniques and practices I used to grow my own business  and create the lifestyle I wanted and have helped my 1-1 and mastermind clients create and elevate their business beyond 6 figures... and more importantly: create a life that feels as good as it looks. So whether you're in business and want this to help you scale or you want CODED to support you with something more personal, you'll learn how to more consciously create the life you dream of, whatever is on your vision board.
This programme and community  will support you to become your highest self, feeling more confident, excited and unstoppable than you have ever been.

 We'll re-programme your mindset and transform your self- concept and get you laser focused on exactly what you want and how to align to it.

The Journey

The Modules

8 modules, with training  to transform your mindset, energy and align you to the FREQuency of what you want to manifest 

Meditations, activations and audios to continue re-wiring your subconscious and listen to on the go and whenever you need a super boost.

LIFETIME ACCESS to your Private membership site with all of your tools, techniques and modules in one place, to carry with you where ever you go.

Private member's group, to connect with Lou, team and your community between live sessions & modules.

For you to go through in your own time and master your mindset, energy & manifestation

Then one day I decided to become the personI was born to be.

What you get....

x 8 Modules

x 8 Activations

Meditations, activators and mantras to programme your subconscious. Listen to on the go and every day to align to your vision.

Ongoing Support 

Connect with Lou, her team and your community for support, encouragement and celebration and access the modules whenever you need or want a reminder or boost.

The first pilar of intentional manifestation is mindset and where it all begins.
What you can imagine, you can create.

1. Desire & Vision - knowing exactly what you really want and what it looks like

2. Self-Concept - re-coding what you believe about yourself and what's possible,
to align with what you want

3. Imagine - tap into the power of your imagination to programme your sub-conscious 
to create your desires

Manifestation is being aligned with what you want.
This is where that happens.

4. Elevate Your FREQuency - becoming a match for what you want to manifest

5. Elements of Creation - understanding the 5 elements of creation and
how to work with them intentionally

6. LOV(e) Law of Vibration - Working WITH this universal law to
manifest with more ease

There's nothing to get or create. It all already exists.
Manifestation is being the person aligned with what you want.
In this place you become more magnetic to everything you desire.

7.  Main Character Energy - BEing the person aligned with what you want to
magnetise it to you

8. CODED Daily - living in the energy and reality of what you want

Money is energy (like everything else) and as such, needs and wants to flow...
in, out and be in circulation. Let's amplify your money FREQ.

Energetics of Money
Clearing space to receive 
Millionaire Mindset
Money Relationship
Being the person who (aligned to wealth)
Knowing your numbers - inc business model for success

"Working with Lou was the best investment I have ever made in my life & business! I've taken my business to 6 figures, have a fully booked coaching practice & am running my own retreats worldwide."


MOdules & activations

private members

Site & community

HEAR more OF whaT past CLIENTS Had TO SAY...

Please make sure you're committed to your own growth, showing UP and doing the work. If the below resonates, join us:

You’re willing to do the deep inner and outer work, to release the struggle and stretch out of your comfort zone for radical growth.

You’ll bring your enthusiasm and optimism to co-create a beautiful experience for all.

You’re totally lit up by the thought of a close community with other brilliant, ambitious, loving and supportive people.

You care deeply about being in alignment with your choice in life and leading from that place 


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