Get clear on your purpose.
Remember who you really are, what you truly want
and manifest it. 

Remember who you really are, what you truly want and manifest it.

"We are all longing to go home to some place we have never been - a place half-remembered and half-envisioned we can only catch glimpses of from time to time.


Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats. Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power.

Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done. Arms to hold us when we falter.
A circle of healing.
A circle of friends.
Someplace where we can be free."

~ Starhawk, The Spiral Dance

Hey! I'm Lou George

I'm a transformational relationship and success coach; here to guide your to your next level.

My clients are successful, visionary entrepreneurs, creatives & leaders

 it's my absolute honour and pleasure to guide my clients to remember who they really are, what they truly want and manifest it.

The relationship you have with yourself not only sets the tone and the foundation for every other relationship you'll have, it sets the tone and foundation for your entire life.

SoulFire is the heart of it:

The vision of next level you. Stepping into the next level leader you are.

Your soul message and purpose. Knowing what you truly desire in life.

Remembering who you really are 
Getting clear on your now desires, zone of genius and why.

Understanding how to work with the law of vibration and manifest with more ease & flow

Call in your soulmates, in life, love & business

Embody higher levels of abundance, in ALL life areas: health, love, money 

Be re-energised
FULLY expressed 


You're in the right place.

Imagine having a roadmap to your desires, tools that provide space for you to: breathe, gain clarity, vision and activate your #soulfire, remembering who you truly are, what you really want and knowing how to manifest it.

Gathering with your soul community, in our private online space, with lifetime access and plenty of opportunities to meet in person at our soulfire sessions events. This vortex is full of devotional and intentional life creation; in a fun, high-vibe, luxurious membership portal.
SoulFire Sessions, with desire mapping, mBIT, meditation and coaching deep dives;
focused on you and your dreams.

This is where you get clear on your heart's true desires, activate your vision for your life and work; remembering who you truly are, what you really want and how to see it all manifest.

TRANSFORMATIONAL coaching videos & calls with me, working on your mindset, alignment, energy and identity, to bust through and re-programme ANYTHING keeping you stuck. Literally burning your limits, in sacred ceremony and designing your most divinely expressed life.

This is like having a personal coach and mentor on speed dial, with a circle of support.

Mindset, Manifesting & Master Planning. 

Linking arms with your new friends, you will indulge your deepest desires, have life-changing transformation, breakthroughs and re-connect with your 
true self, stepping into full alignment with your highest expression.

I want you to remember #itsallpossible - here's to more soul aligned success a life that feels as good as it looks.

It’s time to stop second-guessing what you want. 

You know: 

It’s time to stop setting goals that feel boring or from a place of ‘should.’ 

It’s time to stop gripping so tightly to your to-do list that you forget to breathe. 

It’s time to stop doing things that feel heavy, draining, or out of sync with what you really desire.

It’s time to stop dismissing your dreams for ‘one day’. 

This is a sacred space where you'll launch rockets of desire into the Universe, and reignite the fire in your belly, to create the most extraordinary life experience you crave and deserve. 

Get ready to turn up the volume on your heart’s desires. To want what you want with all your heart. To amplify it and decide to make it absolutely non-negotiable. 

It's time to bust through those blocks: for higher levels of money, love, wellbeing. remembering #itsallpossible

Connected to your vision and supported in this high-energy vortex- you’ll dive into your deepest desires, discover what’s been holding you back from them so far, and you’ll create a clear, focused, feel-good master plan to rise up and live out the things you want. It's time for you to quantum leap.

I'm ready!

A yoga centre in the woods? 
A thriving coaching business? 
To run retreats or speak on stages around the world? 
To write your first book? 
The romantic relationship that's soul-aligned?
More travel? More money? More freedom in your day?

You’re going to find out. 

I'm ready!

Whatever you want, it’s yours. 

Once you >>> 

Decide: on exactly what you want, and what you’re no longer available for. 

Get clear on what's blocking and re-programme.

Believe: that you have the strength, power and determination to make it happen. 

Desire: in a really, truly, passionate, white-heat kind of way. 

Align: physically, energetically, emotionally, vibrationally, mentally.

And this is where it all begins. 

You’ll learn how to drop the struggle, and enjoy the flow. Because the only thing making things complicated is the limits, stories and blocks going round in your mind. You’ll uncover what it really means to experience ease and flow in your business and life, and how you can operate from that delicious, free and flowing space every single day.

You’ll learn how to run your life  &  business more from a space of ease, flow and soul.

Sure, marketing funnels have their place, but if they’re so not your thing, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief. I’m going to be sharing how you can build, create and grow a thriving business through being more YOU.

You’ll learn  how to work only with soul-mate clients, take your business to multi 6 figures+ - without a funnel in site - phew!

When you join us in SoulFire Sessions Online, you can expect to:

Let It Be Easy 

We’re turning up the volume on your desires, your dreams, your you-ness. Because it’s time to stop living your life any other way. You’re going to get fully-expressed in every area of your life: health, wealth, love. To become more YOU. To trust yourself. To listen to your soul. And to own every single part of the power and magick you bring to the world.
You’ll finally uncover the patterns and thoughts that have been holding you back and running the show, and learn powerful techniques to let them go for good! From pesky money stories, to deep-rooted beliefs that are no longer serving you - you’re going to unlock them and eliminate them once and for all. We’re going inwards, and we’re going deep - so bring your limits, and be prepared to leave without them. 

If You Tone It Down, Life Can’t Hear You

We’ll be going BIG with your dreams, and you’ll give yourself permission to desire more than ever before. Team this with getting crystal clear and down to the depths of the detail on your intentions for your life and business, and creating a master plan on your next action steps - you’ll be soaring high and knowing exactly what’s required to take things to the next level.
You’ll get crystal clear and fully focused on your next steps, and will know exactly what you need to do to drop the struggle and call in the flow. From this day forward, ‘busy’ is banned, because a soulful, successful person like you doesn’t need scattered energy, but rather a streamlined, focused, free-flowing business strategy that simply includes: insightful conversations, deeper connections, and more living and leading by example. 

Plan Like A Mouse, Fly Like An Eagle 

You’ll be feeling fully-nourished, crystal clear on your vision and next steps, and ready to #alignandrise to your desires. 

This is for business owners, entrepreneurs, creatives & leaders who want to access their full potential, and then exceed it. 

We are gathering in this container & community to:
- Connect to your heart & soul
- Gain confidence & Clarity in what’s next 
- Be seen and supported in your truth
- Release what no longer serves you 
- Activate your #soulfire and highest levels of abundance, in all life areas. 

For high-achieving women entrepreneurs, who crave more depth and devotion; more connection and conversation. 

There will be desire mapping, visualisation, creativity, ceremony; kundalini yoga, activation meditations and POWERFUL coaching! 

Self-love, expansion, JOY! 

"Amazing! So wonderful. Venue - magical and we did the desire mapping in an amazing library that used to belong to the economist Keynes - with a wonderful selection of books. There were incredible views of England at it's best. And even a sauna we all enjoyed - even if we had to wear wellies to get there! A wonderful yurt for the yoga and journey dance.Louise - great. Powerful, gentle, kind and her facilitation felt solid, clear and grounding. She made everything feel possible - not in an unrealistic way but in a believable way, even taking into account how my life was feeling before the retreat (ie negative)."

What was your experience at the event?

"Feeling my core desired feelings are closer than I thought - after a depressing time at work etc - it renewed me to feel they are close and I can have fun moving towards them every day."

What was your greatest takeaway? 

"Feeling my core desired feelings are closer than I thought - after a depressing time at work etc - it renewed me to feel they are close and I can have fun moving towards them every day."

What was your greatest takeaway? 

A powerful online programme & community  of magick, manifesting, and master planning. 

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soulfire sessions Online

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