New TV & Podcast Episode – Manifest Your Desires

In today’s #Wise, Wild & Wealthy TV and podcast episode, I’m talking about why you deserve all you desire AND all you’re getting.

There are three areas I’d like to draw your attention to today to support you in your desires and creating the business and life that you really want.

Desires…. Power….. Jealousy

So let’s talk about desires. First of all, I really believe that your desires are meant for you. They’re unique to you and they are meant to be lived out, however it’s really important to check in with whether they are actually YOUR true desires or if they are goals or a vision because someone told you that’s what you should want or you feel it’s something you should be doing. The Desire Map Retreat that I run is a beautiful process that will help you to connect with your core desired feelings how you most want to feel then you can align that with the goals you’re setting the vision you have the intentions that you have and make sure that they really are true desires and not just external goals. Once you know they are true desires, don’t let anyone make you wrong for them again.

Your desires are really personal. They’re unique to you and they’re meant for you and this connects to why you are getting one thing and desiring another thing and why both are something that you deserve. Your desires are meant for you as I’ve just said but what you’re getting is as a result of your past desires so it’s super important to stop and appreciate that.

Watch the rest of this episode over on my YouTube channel.  

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