New Spark Session Podcast – How to Deal With Haters

In today’s #SoulFire Sessions TV and podcast episode, I’m sharing three ways you can deal with haters and copycats. This is a super hot topic at the moment and if you’re an online entrepreneur, creative or leader, chances are this is something you are worried or it’s something you have had to deal with in the past.

First of all, we have your back in the SoulFire community. We value collaboration over competition so if you ever need a boost, make sure you subscribe to my videos and podcasts to help keep you motivated and focused.

My first tip is to keep creating. If you keep creating you will be able to stay ahead of your fear because with action, your confidence will grow. So keep creating and stay connected to why you’re creating it.

What is your purpose and who are you here to serve?

If you keep creating with that in mind, any haters or negativity will pale in comparison. Also, stay focused on the positive. If you are a online entrepreneur,  you are most likely very visible in this online space and you are probably receiving positivity, love and support on a daily basis and haters are few and far between. You may never have to deal with any negativity but I know that the more visible you are, the more this is something we worry about. You may come up against some negativity but stay focused on the why and the positivity and keep creating to increase your confidence. Put some incredible work out there because we need you more than ever. We need purpose driven, positive, conscious entrepreneurs and leaders to continue rising and supporting each other in those mission.

The world needs you right now.

Listen to my other tips over on the podcast page.  

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