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I’m just settling back in the office after my amazing trip to Colorado, although I’ve been bed bound the last couple of days with a stomach bug/ altitude sickness – traveling is not all glamour! Feeling a bit better today and excited to share all that’s been happening behind the scenes at #BodhiBabes.









Photos: Ashly McHatton

I had an incredible week in the mountains and city of Denver, with my coach and mastermind sisters. We enjoyed the gorgeous city and five star treatment and got to hike the Flatirons of Boulder. My perfect combination for a retreat.
I experienced some more deep shifts and transformations, that I will be talking a lot more about when I’ve had time to decompress and process. It’s been a busy month for me, with Paris for The Divine Living Academy and then Colorado with Jessica Caver-Lindholm and my Visonary Mastermind sisters. I have some amazing things planned for you, so watch this space.

 My life has always been pretty good but it is very different now compared to ten years ago…
Back then I was very much living in ‘victim’ mode, everything was happening to me, I was never satisfied, no matter how I tried to control my external circumstances and I knew I was meant for great things but had no idea what that was or how to get to that place. I was so out of alignment with who I really am, constantly striving, pushing and forcing things, that I ended up depressed, anxious and wondering what the point of this thing called life was…

I knew there had to be a better way than going from job to job, place to place and feeling like I didn’t fit and I knew it was possible to live the life I dreamt of – others were doing it after all, and what’s possible for one is possible for anyone. So I began a journey of self-development and spirituality and started listening to my intuition and what felt good for me, not what I thought I ‘should’ do.

That journey led me to 2014 and my ‘calling’ to start Bodhi Babes. As soon as I began this business, everything clicked for me. All of the skills and experiences I’d accumulated now made sense, all of my gifts were now being fully expressed and I am now able to truly shine as the light-worker I always knew I was, using my passion and purpose to be of high service in the world, doing work I love.

Fast forward to today and I have created a thriving business and a lifestyle I love, I am traveling the world, I live in a gorgeous apartment in SW London, with my partner, Piers and #TroyTheSpottyRescueDog and am just celebrating having my first £20k month in business and being on track for my first 6 figure year!! 

So, what’s behind my version of success?

All this is possible firstly because I decided! We get what we’re available for in this life and what we think about constantly, backed by a strong desire or feeling. I decided that I was no longer available to live a mediocre life, I decided to create an extraordinary life and to realise my full potential to be of high service in the world.

  • So what are you available for? What life do you want to create for yourself? You can have, be and do anything but first you have to decide what that is and have a burning desire to make it happen.
  • If you’re unsure, I recommend starting with my ‘Find Your Purpose’ worksheet and The Desire Map book, which you can find in our shop or join us on a workshop

I then got really clear on what I truly desired, not just what I thought I should be doing but what I wanted to do, the things that really lit me up. For me that’s acting, presenting, coaching, writing and creating – all of which I now do but I had to get clear and honest about the fact that I wanted to do those things first. The above worksheet and The Desire Map will help you gain clarity around your true desires and a couple more questions to ask yourself and meditate on:

  • What do you truly desire in your life and business?
  • What’s your WHY? Why do you do what you do or have those desires?

Once you’re clear on what you desire, it’s important to align your beliefs with those things. It’ll be almost impossible to create the things you desire if you have a sub-conscious belief that you cannot have, be or do those things. So for me creating a high-vibe mindset and changing any limiting beliefs is a life-time commitment and daily practice. A couple of books I recommend to get started or continue with are:

  • The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind, Dr Joseph Murphy
  • The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks

Inspired Action
Internal work is so important but it’s equally important to take external action, action aligned with your desires. I show up and take action in my business every day. I’m committed to being there for my tribe and I love the company, community and life I’ve created. Showing up and taking action daily doesn’t mean working hard, it means working smart and that’s where the ‘inspired’ comes in. I check in each day, each moment to what feels good to me and if an action doesn’t feel good I generally don’t do it. I am asking for divine guidance every day, getting support from the universal energy that is greater than our human strength and knowledge. I outsource where possible, making sure that I am focusing my attention on the parts of my business that use my talents and light me up and automate as much as possible. It does require hustle in the early days but if you’re doing work you love and feel inspired every day it won’t feel like hard work.

I have 3 top tips to stay focused on the actions that will drive your business forwards the most:

       1. Get a clear and structured schedule in your business and life

  • What do you need to get done this week and when will you complete it?

       2. Who else can do this?

  • Ask yourself “who else can do this” – outsource anything that someone else can do better, cheaper, faster. You need to be focusing on growing and serving your business and clients.

       3. Automate and Advertise

  • Advertise on the best platforms for you, to drive consistent traffic to your services
  • Automate as much as possible, so you can focus on income earning activities and serving your clients.

I have been able to build a 6 figure coaching practice and online business relatively quickly, with a hugethanks to my incredible coaches and mentors. I have invested over £40,000 in my own support this year alone and will continue to do so, as it has skyrocketed my success. I didn’t have a spare 40k sitting around to invest but I know that we get out what we put in and it’s so important to invest in our businesses to move forwards. I have now made that 40k back and so much more.

Working with people who inspire you and have the kind of success you would like, will help you get there faster. There is so much power in coaching and masterminds. I have achieved (both with my coaches and my clients) transformations that can take a lifetime in 30 minutes. The awareness’s, breakthroughs and shifts that happen when working with coaches and mentors, as well as the knowledge passed on, is invaluable, which is why I invest so much and cannot recommend the power of this kind of support enough. Especially if you are in business and a service based professional yourself.

Before investing in my own coach, it took me years to try and work out the best systems and structures and mindset needed to run a thriving business.

  • What kind of coach can help you get from where you are now, to where you desire to be?
  • What area of your life and / or business have you been struggling in?
  • What do you need to do to hire a coach / mentor?
  • How can you create the money to invest?


Stop making business so hard!

“It’s not business that’s difficult, it’s working against limiting sub-conscious beliefs!”

One of the big shifts that’s enabled me to up-level happened because I got clear on my limiting beliefs and stories that were keeping me stuck. Once we get clear on those stories, we can begin to change them. The actions that create a successful business are relatively simple but if you’re working against limiting beliefs no amount of action will get you to where you desire to be. This is where the power of coaching really comes in… working with someone who knows how to help you identify and work through those beliefs is life-changing.

All successful #girlbosses I know follow pretty simple business models, which go something like this:

Create a business

  • Get clear on your Ideal Clients – who can your products / services help? Who do you want to work with?
  • Create products / services that use your gifts and help your Ideal Clients
  • Build community of Ideal Clients (email list, social media)
  • Nurture Community – be of high service and lead with value – be consistent and persistent with this!
  • Offer services that will help your ideal clients with their problem(s)

Business model

  • Work out how much money you need and desire to create in your business (re-visit monthly)
  • Work out how much / what you need to sell in order to reach your financial goals
  • Offer your products/ services to your ideal clients – via email, social media, w.o.m, networking, advertising

Repeat the above!


Behind the 20k months… what they don’t always tell you

As I mentioned earlier I am now celebrating 20k months, which is my new non-negotiable and #newnormal but I remember not so long ago living hand-to-mouth and wondering how I was going to pay my bills each month, which is not a fun place to be. I worked on the steps above and continue to do so EVERY DAY and that’s what makes a difference. Keep going. Now matter how far away your desires seem, if you have them, they’re there for a reason, they’re meant to be lived out. Do the internal and external work and be consistent and persistent and the universe will meet you half-way.

I used to think 20k was a lot of money (I’m now not saying it is… or it isn’t) and I didn’t even consider that creating that amount of money in one month was possible for me but as I’ve committed to the work and up-leveled, everything has shifted. I now have great wealth consciousness and relationship with money, which again takes daily practice and is constantly evolving. I now understand money to be an energy, something we’ve created to exchange for services and I highly value my services and I know and believe in my abilities as a transformational success coach and I charge accordingly. I now also highly appreciate and take care of my money, so I can continue to create more and therefore continue being of higher service.

I also have come to realise that 20k really doesn’t go that far in business…
I think I had visions of people driving round in sports cars at 20k months… in employment, maybe, but in business that’s not quite the case. As we up-level and create more wealth in business our expenses also increase. There are staff costs, higher advertising, higher tax, higher insurance, higher cost of living (if you decide to up-level there.) Yes life is a little more comfortable and yes you can travel more, treat yourself and not watch the pennies so much but to continually grow in business, we must re-invest!!

So if you take anything away from this post, it’s to invest! If you want to grow your business you must invest: your time, money and energy. Make sure you start at the top and get clear on your desires and decide. Then work on your mindset daily, take inspired action and get support. And the rest? Do it YOUR way – there’s no cookie cutter formula for success in business but if you follow what feels good and take the steps above you’ll be well on your way.

Lou xx



P.S. Remember, if you’re the next woman who applies and is accepted to work with me 1:1, you’ll receive a FREE BONUS in-person intensive coaching day with me in a luxury location (or 2 x 3 hour sessions via Skype) worth £3500!

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