Work harder or BE magnetic?!

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How does she do it?
What’s his strategy for success?

There is no one size fits all strategy and working harder is NOT the answer.
It’s an OLD paradigm for success and (for women especially) it is not sustainable.
Our bodies are not designed to be constantly doing, pushing and ON.
We need to honour our cycles and listen to our soul.

I’ve pushed HARD and am amazing at MAKING things happen but it eventually leads to burn out.

I pushed so hard that I experienced depression and anxiety, burning out to the point of not being able to answer a simple text.

I pushed so hard I ran two marathons in one week, because I could and caused my periods to change from over training.

It’s a head game:
‘Just do it’
Work harder.
Train faster.
Wake earlier.

There is an easier way…

Of course there is work to be done and repetition and consistency are important…
Showing up.
All keys to success…
Your feelings are the sign you’re looking for and your body is your guide.

Does it feel good?
How does it feel?

Dropping out of your head and into your heart…

BEing the highest version of you.
Connecting to how it feels to have it all.

All of your intelligences communicating and working together, starting with the heart.

The electromagnetic field from the heart can be felt feet away from the body! – if you’re the Dalai Lama, streets away! 💓
That field can open more, expand; become magnetic.
You know what it’s like to be attracted to someone, to be magnetised.
That’s what she’s really doing…
Dropped in.
Feeling it.

The fastest way to SEE all you desire manifest is to BE a vibrational match for it…

Drop into the feeling of having it all.
Celebrating it as if it’s done!
BE the person who.

Listening to your body:
Connecting: inwards, to nature, to self.

Your desires are in your heart because they’re meant for you.
Align your thoughts, actions, feelings, beliefs, lifestyle and vibration to BE a magnet for all you visualise.

If it’s not working, it’s because you’re in your own way.
Not feeling good enough, worthy, deserving!?
Over thinking.
Over analysing.
Second guessing.
Trying to work it out.
Looking for the strategy.
The secret.

The secret is within YOU.
Listening to your heart and soul.
Following what lights you up.
Connecting to your desires.
Getting clear on your now vision.
Identifying the blocks and fears.
Focusing on what you choose.
Taking aligned action.

Work harder or BE magnetic.

Remember it’s all possible!
Louise x
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