Be Your Own Guru

Up there with public speaking and flying, the fear of not being good enough fills us with anxiety and is holding us back from grasping opportunities and living a full and awesome life.

Not feeling good enough is one of the most common tugs on our confidence and self-belief.  It is one of the most frequent fears to crop up in my 1-1 sessions, workshops and when chatting to friends.

We have all had that fear from time to time.

In the age of social media it has become even more difficult to resist being sucked into the abiss of comparison, self-loathing and not feeling good enough.  We are constantly bombarded with edited showreels of peoples lives and even though we know that they’re just showreels, we can still get carried away with thoughts of unworthiness.

I was chatting to a client of mine the other day and we got on to this subject and she mentioned not feeling spiritual enough….  The practices in her life that ‘should’ be bringing peace and comfort were becoming a cause of discomfort and stress, as she wondered if she should be doing something different or more.

She’s not alone either, I have had this conversation many times before… the feeling of becoming overwhelmed with things that are supposed to make us feel good.

Green juice, yoga, meditation, morning pages, gratitude, run, study…. all before 8am – aaarrrrgh!!  Well, that has been my experience anyway.

So I couldn’t have pulled a better card today, from Danielle La Porte’s #truthbomb deck…

“Be your own guru!”

There is no such thing as not being spiritual enough or good enough.  We are all good enough and spirituality (life!) ultimately boils down to one practice…


The Beatles were right you know – all you need is love!  I know, I know corny but it’s true.

To lead an awesome and full life, you won’t go far wrong if you start with love, for yourself, others and the world we live in.  Do whatever works for you.

Everything else, is simply a means to an end.  That end being… LOVE.  Got it?

We are all completely beautiful, unique beings and what makes one person feel good won’t necessarily be the same for the next and whatever routines, practices, faith you have in your life, it only has to feel right for you.

Teachers, practices, rituals, cards, books all help us on our way to enlightenment but we have all the answer within us already.  You know the truth and have everything you need.

You ARE enough!

So let your spiritual practices, your work, your life all be about love and “be your own guru”.

x Louise

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