Are You Showing UP? From Your 💚? In Service? Consistently?



You can thrive in your business and life, while making a HUGE difference and following you soul, what lights you up and your purpose! 

Business can be relatively simple, if you’re following the voice of your higher self, listening to your souls call and taking aligned action with that… but most are paying attention to the voice of ego and looping all the limiting beliefs, fears and insecurities, buying into the false identity of what others have programmed.

It’s not who you are!

You are SO much more effervescent in the infinite possibilities of your higher-self, the truth of your being is abundance, love, joy, ease and flow.

The fear cycles that have come before:
Not ______ enough
Too much
Don’t know

THEY DON’T BELONG TO YOU!! They come from society, ancestors, friends, family, news, social media!

Stop playing out the stories of things that do not serve your highest expression, looping the tape of negativity of all that can go wrong, all that’s against you, what others might think; it is creating more of the same!

Focus on what’s possible – it ALL is!
You get to choose!

Two words that will  change your life:

Choosing every day, every moment: how you’re going to show up, what you believe and what you’re going to do.
Setting the intention of how things will go, what you will do, who you be.

You are a magnet and you can dial up your magnetic field to the power of all you truly desire or keep it dialled down, to pull in more of the same!?

Those thriving in business and life are choosing powerfully and intentionally each day.

  • Show up as the successful person you desire to be
  • Tune in, to connect with YOUR truth
  • Act from your highest self – how would they show up, what would they choose?
  • Do the thing, even if you don’t feel like it…
  • Action aligned with your vision, not instant gratification
  • Taking care of your body
  • Programming your mind
  • Invest in yourself
  • Start now
  • Keep going

STOP buying into the programmes that promise you a quick fix; there isn’t one…
Everything you desire will be created when you get that it is within you!

Being who you really are, attracts what you truly desire! 

How can you apply this to your business? Or create powerfully from that place?

  1. Show UP!
    Tune into your highest self – the best version of you daily and in each moment ask: “how would she/he show up for this?”
    “what action would they take?”
    “how would they respond?”
  2. Share from your 💚
    You soul is pulling you to create, daily – listen, pay attention and create what you’re called to, the muse is looking for a way to express, if you don’t catch it it will move on. Satisfy your soul and support others with what is being channelled through you. Share heart centred stories with a CTA (call to action) – let them know where to go next?!
  3. Alignment
    Is what you’re sharing in-spired? From your heart, higher-self and relevant to your highest vision?
  4. Serve
    Be of service to your clients / customers by knowing them, their pain points and speaking to that! Is your message also helpful to your tribe? Serve them with your free content by giving MASSIVE value and also let them know how to invest to work with you further.Selling is service – you need to be supported in your art, work, gifts, talent, business and your paid products, programmes and services will support you customers and clients at a higher level – match the product to the person and help them solve their problems!
  5. Be consistent
    Those who show up consistently have the most momentum and if that momentum is from the heart, in alignment and of service, the abundance flows.

Soul-mate clients, money, love, wellbeing! It’s all around you, waiting for you to say yes and show the f up!

Q – How can you show up, in alignment, sharing from the heart, in service, consistently?

Success grows over time! The more powerfully you create from the steps above, the more powerful your vortex will be!

I want you to know #itsallpossible #alignandrise

Lou xx

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Let it be easy!
You’ll learn how to drop the struggle, and enjoy the flow. Because the only thing making things complicated is the limits, stories and blocks going round in your mind. You’ll uncover what it really means to experience ease and flow in your business and life, and how you can operate from that delicious, free and flowing space every single day.

You’ll learn how to create clients and run your business from a space of ease, flow and soul.

Sure, marketing funnels have their place, but if they’re so not your thing, you can breathe a deep sigh of relief. I’m going to be sharing how you can build, create and grow a thriving business through being more YOU.

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It’s time, sister!

Say YES to your soul-desires, your purpose… YOU!

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