“You have to howl so your pack knows where you are!”

“We need YOU to rise, to become more visible, to live your dreams and share the unique voice and gifts that only you have.  
No one else has the perspective you have.” 


I am back in London after an amazing week in Italy, first in Florence with my incredible mentor Gina Devee and Divine Living Academy sisters and then in Rome to re-visit one of my favourite cities and a place I called home 10 years ago.  I love Italy!

I am so inspired after soaking up all the gorgeous Italian vibes, masterminding with Gina and so many other incredible entrepreneurial women and I have returned to London with lots more exciting plans for Bodhi Babes.

After speaking to my amazing coach – Jessica Caver-Lindholm – yesterday we realised I only have 20 spots left to work with me privately for the rest of this year and after investing in my own private coaching and mentorship I am now well on track for my first 6 figure year!!  
I am beyond thrilled with how everything is going!  I am reaching and surpassing all my goals and intentions and I have already had so many opportunities and manifestations that I couldn’t have even imagined.  I am hitting my financial goals, moving into a gorgeous new home with Piers and #TroyTheSpottyRescueDog, which has an incredible office/studio space for Bodhi Babes.  I also feel so blessed to be working with the most incredible, inspiring clients, running beautiful workshops around the world and travelling frequently, for business, coaching, speaking gigs and holidays to:
LA, Florence, Rome, Napa, Paris, NY, Colorado, Bali, Talum and Miami and we’re only in June!

This is my reality because I decided it would be.  I got clear on my desires, my intentions and my why, worked on my mindset, the action steps needed to make it happen and invested in high-level support… and it’s happening! 
Not without hard work or occasional course corrections but business is thriving and I am living a life I’m in love with.

You can live the life you dream of too!  In fact, we need you to!  
The time is now for all light-workers, thought leaders, positive world-changers to step forward, to rise, to speak up, to stand together and support one another.  There are so many people doing this already and I am excited to see so many people courageously forging their own paths, sharing their truths and shining their lights, no matter how difficult and frightening that may be at times.  

We need YOU to rise too – to become more visible, to live your dreams and sharing the unique voice and gifts that only you have.  No one else has the perspective you have.  No one else has lived the things you’ve lived, gained the experience you have and no one else has your why, your passion, your desires.  When we step up we encourage others to do the same and we can cause miracles in an instant, not only in our own lives but the positive ripples are felt by our families, our friends, our communities and the world.

The Dalai Lama said: “The World will be saved by the western woman.”  

We are in such a powerful position and the opportunity to live the lives we dream of and create a huge impact and positive change in the world.  Never before in history have we had the incredible opportunities we have now.

You have the chance to truly live a free and joyful life and to help others do the same.  

You have the ability to create the business and life you dream of, financial freedom, a legacy.

So what message do you have, what desires have you been holding back?  What’s the next right action you can take towards your dreams?  How can you take your business to the next level?

If you’re looking for a business breakthrough and are ready to rise and take your business and life to the next level, join me and the #SoulFire Community in Richmond for SoulFire Sessions Live on February 16th 2018. This one day workshop for online entrepreneurs and coaches – where women gather together to fully step into your power and purpose… To support you in getting clear on your next steps, to grow from start up business owner to thriving entrepreneur.

This is for you if you know you’re here to create a high level income and impact and you’re ready.



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