I am… two of THE MOST POWERFUL words you’ll ever think or speak!

Anything following those two words should be ONLY what you desire to create in your  life and an affirmation of who you truly desire to be.

Those words are a direct message to the universe / God about what you’d like to order and manifest from the metaphysical. Higher consciousness does not differentiate between “good” / “bad” or what you really mean, it just delivers what you ask for and are focusing on… ESPECIALLY when it’s fuelled with emotion.

You know ‘they’ say “Be careful what you wish for!” – REALLY… be careful what you wish for!

“Your wish is my command!” – The Universe

So check in with your thoughts – what are you constantly focusing on – what’s your internal dialogue like? And your language – are you being mindful about what you say?

I KNOW, it takes practice and some serious commitment to begin with but it’s worth it, I promise!! You deserve all your TRULY want and it’s there waiting for you, to ask for it (and be specific), focus on it… damn near obsess about it and FEEL like it’s already yours, behave like it’s already yours, show up like it’s already yours – it is…

A magical manifester of all I desire!
Louise xx

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