It’s not all in your head ⁣


Mindset is super important… ⁣
identifying, clearing and re-programming your limiting beliefs will support you in having, BEing and doing what you dream of…⁣


Coherence is 🔑 ⁣

You have more than one brain in your body, so why do we spend so much time only focusing on this part of our being?⁣

You have two other significant brains, with their own separate intelligences…⁣

Heart & Gut⁣

Plus infinite more intelligence available to you at all times…⁣

Our brains and energy centres in the body need to be coherent for us to be our most highly expressed, well, vibrant and abundant selves.⁣

If just the head brain is running the show, it’s likely you are working against the rhythm of your soul… if the head is drumming to its own beat, out of sync with the rest of the body, then we have a lot of noise and confusion.⁣

This starts as discomfort; a nagging feeling something’s not right but left unchecked can lead to chronic dissonance and dis-ease.⁣

Mindset work is a lifetime commitment and a daily practice, just like eating well and exercise…⁣

We also need to check in with our other intelligences:⁣

To help you remember for decision making:⁣

Heart = CEO⁣
Gut = Board ⁣
Head = PA⁣

And clearing, healing, balancing our energy centres and field.⁣

You may have mindset blocks but if you’re neglecting to also listen to your heart (aka your soul directing you), or follow your gut (aka your guardian angel looking out for you) there will be disharmony in your being.⁣

Tune in every day to what your body is telling you, asking you, showing you.⁣

Listen to your heart.⁣
Follow your gut.⁣
Direct your mind.⁣

Where are you making decisions from? 🤓💚💪🏻

P.S. want help with this? Send me a DM and let’s talk. @louisegeorgeco

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