Thank You!!

We are now well into the final quarter of 2017 – WHAAAAT?!

How’s your vision manifesting?

It’s been a while since I wrote to you with news, as honestly, it’s been a crazy couple of months – lots of highs and some lows… have you felt it too!? There are such powerful planetary, human and consciousness shifts going on right now.

There’s a lot of fear and intensity worldwide at the moment but if you’re a seeker (which I know you are) you’ll be experiencing the incredible uprising of love and light being shared now too. Look for more of that!

It’s a time of deeper exploration into who you truly are, what you need to let go of / stop doing and listen to who you’re being called to step more into.

What’s calling you?

I am ever grateful for my self-development and spiritual practices, that support me in staying grounded in the highs and see me bouncing back more quickly from the lows. n our ever increasingly fast paced society and live it’s crucial to be taking care of you, so you can BE more aligned with your purpose and onsciously create a life you LOVE!

Not only are we in the final quarter of 2017, it’s also my birthday week.  I will turn 36 on Friday 13th October (oooo, just realised it’s Fri 13th this yr! Love it), so I’m diving deep into my spiritual practices this autumn; to prepare for the shorter, darker days of winter, to tune inwards and to begin visioning and planning for 2018; re-connecting more with my soul desires. 

What do you desire now?
A HUGE thank you!!
Thank you SO much for being a valued member of our #SoulFire Community! Our #SoulFire Sessions Facebook community is lit up at the moment with all of you going live, sharing your missions and messages and supporting each other more than ever!

As you will know if you’ve seen my recent posts, I almost closed the group recently but instead decided to shake it up and invite more interaction and I am so glad I did. I’m blown away by the messages I received from you telling me how much you love the community and for the support and connection since. Keep showing up, it’s is so appreciated by everyone! Thank you!!

What’s been happening?

September flew past for me, starting in Paris with my online business mentor and mastermind, then straight into a coaching intensive in London, with my coach, Rich Litvin – woohoo, I am so excited to be working with the man I have been following for the last couple of years and who’s book ‘The Prosperous Coach’ changed my business and life! I continue to invest at a high level in my own coaches and mentors, to support my business growth and in creating a life I love…

I am honoured to have been invited to join Rich’s highest level mastermind, 4PC and over the next 12 months I am expanding more than ever before. I’ll be spending lots of time between London, Arizona & California, to grow personally and professionally and to work with Rich and some of the most successful coaches, entrepreneurs and leaders in the world. I’m a little in awe and intimidated but SO excited to up-level and challenge myself even more.


It took me a while to come down, process and integrate all of the learnings and breakthroughs from the events at the beginning of Sept and then we were hit with some awful news…

My gorgeous Dad suffered a massive heart attack a few weeks back and although he’s thankfully recovering well, it was a huge shock and another reality check on what matters and the precious nature of our time here, in these bodies.

So where ever you are tell those important to you how much you love them and take LOTS of time to enjoy time, fun and love with them. It’s all that matters. I know I am.

I took some time off to be with my family, take care of me and re-focus, so that’s mostly where I’ve been.

And now?

We are back in full #SoulFire swing – we had an incredible #SoulFire Sessions Live event at the beginning of Oct and we’re now kick-starting our October ‘Client Creation Challenge’ in our Inner Circle, which you can join here.

This week is ALL about connection, so we’d love to see you in the group and to support you in becoming more visible, confident and building relationships, to support you in your business and life.

We have so many amazing things coming up for the end of 2017 and to see us into the new year. Join us in the FB group and stay connected. Also keep an eye on your inbox – tomorrow I’ll be sharing an incredible summit I’m a part of, alongside other amazing coaches and entrepreneurs!!

Click the video below to see the latest vlog and behind the scenes…

Vlog 3 – Behind The Scenes

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