WILD – “Living in a state of nature” SEEing it all Manifest.

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You are not being called to do more.
You are being called to BE more.

What does that mean to you?


It’s a lifetime commitment and daily practice for me.
I am an A type personality and can be impatient, controlling, I am highly ambitious and brilliant at making things happen – NOW.

We all know where that leads and years ago it lead me to burnout – something I am still mindful of and you’ll know if you follow me on social media I spent an afternoon in hospital recently, due to a virus and stress, a nudge from the big U to slow the f down, again.

As human’s we are he most intellectually intelligent beings on the planet BUT running our lives and businesses from the neck up can only lead to burnout and while we may be able to think, plan and strategise our way to traditional success; life rarely feels as good as it looks.

I know, I’ve been there; running previous businesses because I could or doing things because I ‘should’. Then looking around and thinking ‘this isn’t it!’.

As a coach, I work with high-achievers and many of my clients come to me for the same reason – they’ve created a high level of success in their careers and lives but haven’t been or aren’t fulfilled/ happy or they’ve reached a certain point and aren’t sure what’s next – how do you create a high income and impact AND a life that feels as good as it looks!?

I want you to know that it’s all possible…


Traditional education, success, society and culture these days often leaves us disconnected from our nature, other and higher intelligences – the wisdom of our bodies and the quieter voices of intuition, heart, soul, higher-self.

You are a Wise, Wild Woman and your greatest wealth lies within you.


Most people come to me as a coach seeking clarity and confidence and they absolutely gain that from the work we do but we cannot begin there.

Confidence and clarity come as results.

Results of re-connecting, with who you REALLY are, what you TRULY desire, re-programming your mind and body to remember that and release anything not aligned and getting in consistent momentum – showing up as your highest and taking inspired action to take care of yourself and be of service from that place.

If you don’t really know what you desire, who you are or what your vision is, how can you possibly create it?

From lack of clarity we create by default; manifesting in every moment – as we always are – but often not seeing what you really want and definitely not feeling good. And that (as Danielle LaPorte says) “Is the WHOLE point!!

The alternative is creating by design.
Becoming a conscious creator.
Manifesting what you really want.
Working WITH universal laws and higher dimensions for more ease grace and flow.

It takes practice, commitment, dedication and work BUT it’s not the old paradigm of success: pushing, forcing, striving; it’s tuning inwards first, connecting to your WILD woman, your natural state – you know it because it’s peaceful, calm, loving and you have faith, even though you may not (probably don’t) know how.

Your soul speaks to you as desire, so EVERYTHING you desire is meant for you and everything you desire already exists!

The relationships, money, home, experiences, opportunities, contribution, highest levels of it ALL. Here in this world already.

If you don’t have them yet, you’re simply unable to SEE them.

We collect limiting beliefs and fears throughout life, from what is modelled for us, spoken to us and the experiences we have; all programming us to believe certain things are possible or not.

But anything is possible and it’s possible FAST when you believe.
When you show up as if you believe.
When you believe in yourself.
When you trust.
Become an energetic match for it all.

Drop into your heart and feel what it’s like to have everything you desire.

Your heart holds the key to the most powerful conscious creation, quantum leaping and alignment, to rise to your next level and soul aligned success.

Tune in to your WILD woman. She knows.
Lou x

It’s time to ‘drop the struggle and turn up the soul’

The inside out revolution for success, where:

Strategy meets soul.
Intellect meets intuition.
Action meets alignment.

Group coaching for next level Online Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Change-Catalysts, Intuitive Influencers.

You’re done with the struggle!

Let’s face it: you’re tired of the struggle. You’re bored of mediocre. You’re downright sick of seeing what everyone else is up to and wondering if you ‘should’ be doing that too.

You’re not interested in creating funnels or the latest online marketing techniques and you know that’s not what creates the connection to the committed clients you want to work with.

You’ve seen snippets of success but it’s inconsistent and exhausting. Your lifestyle is out of sync with what you envisioned. You’ve done so much inner work but know there’s something still blocking you and you feel out of alignment with what you actually want anymore.


Together we’ll delve into the nooks of what’s been holding you back. You’ll strip back the layers to reveal your power. You’ll crack open the sides that don’t often see the light.. Until you’re living out and leading from the most fully-expressed, confident, authentic and powerful version of YOU.

“Working with Louise was the best investment I have ever made in my business! I’ve taken my bussiness to 6 figures, have a fully booked coaching practice & am running my own retreats worldwide.”

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