Wednesday Wonder Woman – Bunmi Aboaba

I am thrilled to introduce today’s #WednesdayWonderWoman Bunmi Aboaba, founder of Crystal & Rox and Dental Surgeon.  After a challenging time in her life Bunmi used the healing power of crystals and yoga to regain balance and harmony.  Bunmi founded Crystal & Rox to help other women do the same and has designed a range of yoga clothing with a concealed pocket in the yoga tops, to keep crystals close to your heart during practice.

When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Ha ha , I wanted to be an Architect and own a swish Jazz club for some reason.  Everything had to be larger than life in my day dreams, so own my own designer  properties all over the world, have a self built Yacht and cruise around the Mediterranean  doing business deals on it.

What do you do now?  For work?  For fun?

I am a Dental Surgeon by profession.  For fun I like to write. Have written a book called High Vibe.  I love to read , especially books relating to Spirituality.  Love Salsa dancing .  Love hanging out with friends , brain storming, laughing , connecting.  I enjoy the Practice of Reiki (am Reiki master) and my all time fave, Crystal healing, collecting Crystals etc.

How did you get into your area of expertise?

With Crystal & Rox, I got into the realms of the mineral kingdom by chance.  Through a challenging Divorce and other life circumstance that I can only describe as self-destructive.  Crystal healing 2008 by Shaman Anna Coates ,who is now my dear friend helped me to achieve balance and alignment through very tough times.  After that my belief and passion in Crystal healing was cemented .

What obstacles have you faced in following your dreams and how have you overcome them?

The biggest obstacle in following my dreams was fragile self belief and self esteem. Feeling that I didn’t have the courage to follow it through. Especially when people used to look at me and say “Stick to Dentistry” “ stick to your day job”.  But through the power of prayer , Crystals , Reiki and hanging out with like minded, inspirational people, I was able to see that what I had was remarkable and to be proud of it and own it, and nuture and cherish it.  Not listening to nay sayers and skeptics who are too scared to follow their own dreams.  I am “Can do “ personality and I encourage that in my friends.  Today I feel proud of who I am and what I have overcome and achieved. I believe in me and that’s what counts.

What’s the best part of what you do?

The best part of what I do is working with crystals which is my passion and getting the awareness out there that crystals are for everybody. Demystifying them and bringing them slowly but surely into the public arena in a fun and exciting way.  Also finding more and more avenues in which crystals can be used.

What advice do you have for other women who might want to follow suit?

Believe in yourself. Ignore the critics because whatever ideas you have that feel really good to you are divinely inspired. Your gut feeling is your radar and most often than not accurate. Learn to be out of your comfort zone . Being out of your comfort zone brings you new ways of looking at things and opportunities ..its exciting.  We all have something to contribute to the world and help others .

What’s your morning routine? 

The first moment I wake I say the Lord’s prayer and ask for a really peaceful day.  As I lay in bed I would do a 10 min Reiki self –treatment and visualize all the lovely things that can happen in the day.  After which and would get up and pull a card out of one of five angel card reading packs and that’s my guidance for the day. Probably mediate on this for s few minutes.  Get the boys up and ready , and then off to work.

3 things that are on your ‘to do’ list today?

  • To write up my crystal tips for my bi monthly news letter.  
  • Write up a business proposal to a potential share holder
  • Have a skype meet with a PR guru and how to create impact in the press.

One woman you admire and why?

Oprah Winfrey. Amazing women.  Came from a background that could only be described as horrendous . To be able to come out of that and shine her light and create the most awesome business is awesome. Huge self belief and a good sound head is what got her to where she is today. Again like myself she had to create her self belief.

Three wishes?

  • For my children , family and friends to carry on being healthy and happy.
  • For Crystal & Rox to be the “ go-to” site for wellbeing and be well respected as an authentic and aligned business.
  • To have the most amazing retreat with amazing holistic healers on board. 

Who do you turn to for advice?

Mylovely business partner and friend Ruby. My friend Andrew.

Who do you turn to for a shoulder to cry on?

Many people, Ruby, my Mum, my Sister, Andrew,  Mark, Richard and Jules…..good to let go .

Favourite book?

I don’t really have one.

Favourite movie?

Shawshank redemption. All about resolute hope and faith and not a matter of if but when.

Favourite childhood game?


Fantasy career? Why?

Being a presenter /interviewer to the rich and famous.  Because I love success stories and inspiration and am a bit of a show

Words for Monday motivation?

Send love out at the beginning of your day and infuse it with Golden light.

#FeelGoodFriday song?

Walking on Sunshine ..Katrina and the Waves.

 Favourite quote?

“ The only thing to fear is fear itself”… President Franklin D Roosevelt.

Thank you so much Bunmi!

x Louise

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