Here’s Why You’re Not Fully Booked…

This week I’m answering the question I hear from clients’ all the time: ‘Why am I not getting fully booked?’

There are a few reasons why, and I’m going to be sharing these with you over in Soul Fire Sessions this week. But today I wanted to dive into the first reason behind why you’re not fully booked with clients, and that’s:


When we’re unclear, uncertain or confused, so are our minds and so are our actions. Doing anything from a space of uncertainty or a lack of purpose has us spinning our wheels and getting stuck in ‘trial and error’ or hoping for the best. Not the ideal situation when you’re so deeply craving the absolute opposite.

Getting clear on these three areas of your business will really help you to reduce the overwhelm and to start feeling really focused and moving towards what you want, every day.

  1. You need to know what you want.

There’s SO much to do in business right? The marketing, and the writing, and the scheduling, and the planning, and the accounts and the networking and THEN the actual work you started a business to do! So it’s really easy to get caught up in ‘busy work’ and doing all the things you ‘should’ be doing, which sooner or later leads to burnout.

When you get CLEAR on what you want and where you’re heading however, you can get rid of all the things that are simply ‘distractions’ in your business and start focusing on money making activities.

Because let’s face it: when you’re not bring in money to your business, you just have an expensive hobby.

So what are your goals for the next month, week, day, hour? What do you want to achieve in your business over the next 90 days? Then take the required steps each day to work towards them.

Cut out the things that aren’t moving you towards those goals. And finally the overwhelm will clear and the clients will come.

    2. You need to know who you want to attract

You’ve heard it time and time again in the online world, but getting clear on who your ideal client is is key. When you know who you’re talking to, it can help to guide everything you do.

Choose one person you’ve loved working with or would love to work with, and get really clear on what they’re looking for and how you can provide that. When you picture that person and focus on them through all the actions you take, your ideal clients will start to recognise themselves in your work, and they’ll start to know you’re exactly the woman they’ve been looking for.

      3. You need to get clear on the RESULTS you provide

With our loaded online world, we’re all bombarded with information all the time. This means that we no longer care about what information we’ll receive when we invest in a service, but about what RESULT that will give us. What can people expect to be/do/have after working with you?

Figure out what problem your ideal client has, and then let them know how you solve it. Once you’re clear on that, your clients will hear that you’re speaking directly to them and that they have to have you on their team.

Naturally, there are lots of pieces to the puzzle of a successful business, and clarity is just the beginning. But business doesn’t have to be quite as complicated as we make it out to be.

Stop trying to be everything to everyone, or doing things like everyone else does. Get clear on where you’re heading, who you’re for, and what problem you solve, and stay true to who you are. The people that want to work with you will be drawn to YOU.

It’s as simple, or as difficult as that. You decide.

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