Deep Gratitude, Transition & Conscious Creation

The beginning of 2017 has rocked me to my core, asked me to connect deeply to myself, a higher ‘source’ and to make space in my heart center for my soul’s evolution….

This is my first note to you in a while, after what’s been a roller-coaster ride, so far this year.
I am being called to rise even more (I know you feel it too) and with that invitation comes inevitable energy shifts, shadow and light work.

As you may already know, on 2nd February, Piers and I said goodbye to our beloved Dalmatian, fur baby and BFF, Troy, affectionately known (and found) on social media as #TroyTheSpottyRescueDog

If you’ve been with me on this journey, following my posts for a while (which I’m so grateful for) I know you also loved Troy.
So I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you for your support, love and kind words.

We had an amazing life with Troy for 9 years, with many adventures, love, mischief and joy and are now celebrating the 15 years we were blessed to have him in his doggy body and for his spirit that will continue to inspire us to be our best. I’d like to honour Troy by sharing a post I wrote on how to ‘Be More Dog’ and lead a more joyful life –
Click here to read how to ‘Be More Dog – 5 Ways To Lead A More Joyful Life

During this transitional time I’ve personally been inquiring into my desires further than ever, using the valley of grief to slow down, reassess what matters and open up to let go of what’s no longer supporting me. Also to surrender to what is, call in what’s needed for my soul and being to grow further, answer my calling and contribute on a higher level.

Over the past couple of weeks I am so thankful for the opportunity to unplug, cut the business, numbing and anything which no longer contributes to my evolution; instead honouring feeling good and living my most extraordinary life. And while we’re missing our best friend deeply, I feel him nearby and we know he is in our hearts and will remain by our sides forever.

We are all energy and connected.

So what does your next evolution look like? How are you being called to rise, expand and make space for what’s now?

What do you need to slow down? Let go of? Make space for?

I recorded a FB live in our Passion – Prosperity Sisterhood last week about being adaptable to change… for that is inevitable. Life in this form is temporary and I am committed to consciously creating my reality, to living my best life and being of the highest service I can for positive change.

What are you committed to today and how can you get in alignment with your desires and take action today to move you one step closer to the things you want to manifest?

I have experienced the highest of peaks and the lowest of valleys and what I have realised with the self-develoment work, years of coaching and conscious creation is that; while I will (like everyone) always experience darkness, I am able to reemerge back into the light much faster these days and enjoy each moment for what it is…. perfectly imperfect and full of miracles.

Time disappears but memories and spirit do not.

Here’s to being more dog and leading a more joyful life!
With love,
Lou & our BFF forever #TroyTheSpottyRescueDog

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