The Internal Conflict Holding You Hostage.



“My business is my armour!” I heard the words for the first time, I had felt them for a long time.

Perhaps everything looks amazing on the outside but on the inside you’re experiencing conflict.

You’re successful, an expert, visionary, creative, leader; the one they turn to, look to, follow but maybe you want to stop?

A chance to pivot.
Start again.

Life happens and sometimes we need to pause, to get off the merry-go-round, take a beat and just BREATHE.

I had been there before. Anxiety and depression are old friends of mine and symptoms of too much:

After a tough year in 2017 of grieving, serving and trauma I knew I had to stop, take the armour off and allow space to re-connect.

Do you?

2018 was a year of slowing down, recalibration.
Letting go of things that no longer served:
relationships, habits, identities, beliefs.

Death is part of evolution.

As a student and teacher of mBIT – multi Brain Integration – and living and leading from the heart I am grateful for the many tools I now have; to catch the signs quickly, have the understanding of how to communicate with my body and how to identify, heal, re-programme and re-connect; to my truth, my inner wisdom, my soul.

For me, it’s a lifetime commitment and a daily practice.

There’s something calling you right now.
Can you hear it?
Are you listening?

It begins as a whisper.
You work harder.

Then a nudge.
You create more.

You serve.

You hide in the light.

In your comfort zone.
The things you do without thinking.
Can do.

But do you REALLY want to?
Maybe you once did but now there’s something new.

A remembering of why you’re really here.
Knowing what you truly desire and a longing to see it.

The soul-mate relationships?
Work that REALLY lights you up?

You’re hostage to internal conflict because you’re so good at working things out. Making things happen. Creating. Doing.
You’re an over-achiever and powerful creator.
And a part of you thrives in it.


Leadership can isolate.
Forward focused.
Problem solving.
At the front.

It’s time to employ a co-pilot.
It’s time to re-structure.
It’s time to resolve the conflict.

Your head brain can no longer do it alone.
It’s exhausting.

Your body holds so much wisdom and your head is so powerful it will take over but it’s out of alignment; forgetting the fundamentals principles of leadership: communication, team, coherence.

You are being held hostage by the inner conflict of your most powerful body intelligences:

Heart = CEO
Gut = Board
Head = Executive Assistant

All at odds, with the EA running the show.
That’s no way to manage business or life.
It causes stress.
It leads to dis-ease.

The CEO – visionary, leader – holding the key to your true desires, values, passion and purpose.

If your heart’s not in it, it’s probably not a true desire.

What is it I truly desire?

Your board – advisor, guide – intuitively responding to move you in the direction of what you really want, aligned with your identity and in communication with your heart’s desires.

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

What do I deeply need?

Executive Assistant – creator, manifestor – with focus and direction this intelligence will bring it all together and in alignment with heart and gut will create a business and life that feels as good as it looks.

What does this really mean?

Ask (smart questions, receive smart answers):
How can I?
Who can I?

You CAN strategise your way to success.
You CAN put your trues desires off until… the right time? one day?
And you WILL regret it.

Looking around someday soon, if you’re lucky…
On your deathbed if you’re like most!
Wishing you paid more attention.
Relished the moment.
Honoured your desires.
Loved more.
Breathed it all in.

This is your sign.
Now is the time.

Only now.
The only moment that exists.

You can’t always control what happens.
You can choose how you respond.
You can choose to tune in.
You can choose to pay attention.

You have to decide.
Say YES!

It’s never too late.

Everything you’re looking for is in the search of the feeling.
So start there.

How do you want to feel and what do you need to do to feel that way?

Your heart holds the key.

What do you TRULY desire?

Louise George

P.S. Are you ready to find out what you truly desire?
If you say yes to creating a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside, book a complimentary call.

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