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How are you?

In this post I’m sharing some of the things that have contributed to me creating my six figure business this year and how you can too. Make sure you read through til the end, where I have an amazing opportunity for you!

I have just returned from my month long adventure in Bali and Miami and I cannot believe we’re now only two weeks from Christmas! If you celebrate, are you organised yet? Me niether.

I had the most transformational adventure in Bali, where I was speaking at The Awakened Woman Conference, at the most beautiful, high-vibrational venue I have ever been – New Earth Haven.

Over the course of 7 days I had the privilege of seeing world changing female leaders from around the world share their truths and wisdom.
Speakers included: Eve Ensler, creator of The Vagina Monologues, KC Baker, Alexi Panos, Wendy Ida, Dr Julianna Morris and so many more. Oh and some very awakened men, including the one and only Mastin Kipp and visionary creator of New Earth Haven, Sacha Stone. I will be sharing my ahas, learnings and breakthroughs from the event, so keep your eye on your inbox and our blog.

You can see some of my six figure business tips from my time on the business panel on the video below. Click on the image to watch:

I had just one day back in London before then heading off to Miami for Divine Living Academy event.

I am thrilled to say I graduated as a transformational coach and was given a prosperity award by Gina DeVee for creating a six figure business this year.

I am really looking forward to some down time, relaxing with family and friends. I am also celebrating big time this year after seriously up-leveling my business and growing it to beyond six figures, while traveling the world and working smarter, not harder.

I’m not saying it’s been easy, it certainly hasn’t – it has called on me to grow in every area of my business and life, to dig deep, to identify my blocks, limits and to push beyond them and of course life has continued to throw curve balls and challenge me, as it does all of us. Every person has a story and challenges to overcome.

However, as well as one of the most challenging years of my life it has also been one of the best years of my life, full of new people, experiences, expansion and joy. I have had so much fun and learned so much about myself, the world and other people. I have worked with some of the best mentors in the world and have been blessed and inspired by my incredible clients around the world who are also up-leveling and creating the lives they desire.

My expansion this year has seen me travel the world, being booked for speaking gigs in amazing places like Bali, NY and London. Running incredible retreats and workshops and masterminds and VIP days with my clients.

What I’ve really learned this year from my own experience and from my high level mentors is that (to quote one of my mentors, Gina DeVee)

‘Business is relatively simple, working against unconscious limiting beliefs is hard.’

Also, what’s possible for one of us is possible for all of us. So if you can get clear on your beliefs and identify what ‘stories’ are keeping you stuck and you learn smart business systems and structures to support your growth, you too can have a six figure business in less than a year. How does that sound?

Maybe you’re thinking ‘that sounds great but how do I do it?’

Well I have been listening to your requests and desires for my new group programme and we have now officially launched Align & Rise Sistermind with an even bigger and better high-level group mastermind and VIP members site to support you in your business growth.

Make sure you’ve joined our online membership site & community, for daily inspiration, coaching and updates and feel free to invite your business besties too: Women To Watch

Have a wonderful week!


Lou x

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