What Do Your Feelings Sound Like?

Every day I journal and plan in my #DesireMap planner, which as well as a planning/ journal section, also has space for setting intentions, goals and keeping track on progress, each week, month and throughout the year.  It’s also filled with inspirational quotes and thoughts – today’s was: “pick a song for each of your core desired feelings”

So I’ve put together a mini play-list of songs that resonate with my CDFs today:

  1. Vibrant – Clap Your Hands, Parov Stelar
  2. Inspire – Your Soul, Rhodes
  3. Bodhi – How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, Florence & The Machine
  4. Love – Only Love, Ben Howard


Music is one of the fastest ways to generate the feelings we desire and what a wonderful way to really connect with how we most want to feel. 

So get your dancing shoes on and create a playlist for yourself, filled with songs that help you to feel the way you want to feel.

I’d love to hear your songs, so please share your playlist in the comments below.

Sing and dance to your joy! 

x Louise

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