How I lost control of my business and 3 key steps that turned it around!

What’s not perfect in your business yet?

I remember a few years ago starting the new year with such enthusiasm and then quickly losing it, as I felt the pressure of the end of the month looming and although I remained determined to reach my goals, somewhere in my beliefs were conflicts; that it was actually too hard, that no-one buys in January and I wasn’t going to make it… have you ever felt like that?

Perhaps that’s where you are now?

I understand the roller-coaster ride of feeling elated one minute and then terrified the next… and yes, that’s part of the exhilaration of being an entrepreneur, creating our own realities in business; and that makes you extraordinary. But we also have the ability to control our realities, how we feel about whatever our current situation is and turning it around if needed…


By ‘priming’ ourselves for success, daily… and as Tony Robbins has said:

  • Feed your mind – learning the tools, rituals and mindset for success
  • Condition your body – your physiology determines your state – how you feel about yourself and how you show up in the world. If your body’s not in peak state, neither is your mind, or your life!
  • Ask better questions… ‘if you want a better answer, ask a better question’. The questions you ask direct your focus, so if you ask something with a negative pre-supposition you’ll get a negative or unhelpful answer. If the question has clarity and a positive pre-supposition, you’ll be able to receive solution oriented and positive answers

So how can you better feed your mind and condition your body? How can your re-frame the questions you’re asking yourself and become solution oriented?

Let us know in the comments how you’re ‘priming’ yourself for success and if you’ve found this post helpful or know someone who might benefit, please share.

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