WHY Are You Doing This?

Happy New Year!! We’re just getting back into the swing of things after the festivities! I hope you had some lovely time off too!?

How did you get on with my last post? Have you manged to set some time aside to set you goals/ intentions and plan your year out? If you missed that post you can see it here.

So what does your year look like? Do you have some exciting goals to work towards? Do you know how you’re going to achieve them?
It’s important to have an action plan and like I mentioned in the post above, break your goals down into ‘chunks’, 3-4 major intentions for the year, monthly goals and then weekly and daily actions… repetition and consistency are key.

I’ve lost count of the goals I set myself in the past and didn’t reach – have you ever not reached a goal? You’re not alone…

Most people who set ‘New Years Resolutions’ will give up by mid January and that’s the only time they set goals and then wait again until next year to start again!

So how can you make sure you stick to your intentions? Well, make sure you follow through with the plan above and timeline your actions.. in my opinion and experience anything not time-lined won’t get done. So schedule into your online calendar – that way you can see and edit anywhere you are and have a timeline to follow, to make sure your taking those actions and working towards your goals, every day!

Even more importantly, it helps to know WHY you want the things you do?

WHY are you setting those goals?

WHY are you doing this?

What makes your goals a MUST? What’s the burning desire… what’s the feeling you hope those goals will bring you? Will they?

“It’s not really the goals we’re going after but the way we hope they’re make us feel.”

If you’re looking for help with understanding your why and your true desires, I highly recommend The Desire Map. As a Desire Map facilitator it’s one of my favourite tools for helping people set ‘goals with soul’ – you can grab your workbook and other tools in our shop.

I also LOVE Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on how to Start With Your Why below and why it will change your business success…

Let me know what you think and how you get on with gaining clarity on your why and truly setting intentional goals for the year ahead.

Lou xx

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