Struggling With Putting Yourself Out There?

When you’re running a business in this big busy space called the internet, being visible is a really key way to get seen as an expert and attract the clients you love.

But I know that being ‘visible’ isn’t always easy.

I know from coaching hundreds of online business owners that there are so many blocks and fears that come up around showing up online.

The question ‘Who am I to do this?’ is one I come across time and time again.

If that’s something that sounds familiar to you, or if putting yourself out there is feeling really terrifying right now, I wanted to share with you some key reminders today to help you SHOW UP!

  1. You have a unique set of skills, gifts, talents, messages and personality that only YOU have. There a tons of coaches, copywriters, designers, nutritionists and every other type of business owner in the world – but people work with you for YOU. Clients will be drawn to your work because of HOW you share it, and WHO you are, and WHY you do what you do.
  2. You will be doing a disservice to people that really need you if you don’t share your gifts! The world is crying out for your support – you’re a skilled business owner and there are people out there looking for you. Contrary to point #1, it’s not about ‘YOU’ but the people who need your help.
  3. Your ideal clients are out there looking for exactly what you have to offer, make it easy for them to find you! The internet is overloaded with information, so people really want an invitation AND for it to be easy to work with you. Go to them, provide value, give them the opportunity, send an invitation, let it be easy.
  4. There’s method in the madness. As a general rule, our prospects need to hear from us up to 21 times (!!) before they decide to buy from us, so getting visible consistently is key!
  5. Make sure you go in with value and you’ll always feel helpful and non-salesy! Leading with value and providing consistent support will help to shift you from selling to serving.
  6. We need you! Again, it’s pretty clear that the world is due a shift and a lift of lightworkers, nurturers and female business owners! We need you to rise, sister.
  7. Start with where you are – don’t worry about doing it all once. Get comfortable with one thing, like posting on Facebook or Instagram, then incorporate the next!
  8. Your community will show up when you do! Commit to serving, providing value, and offering an incredible service, and you’ll never be ‘hustling’ for clients again.

I can’t wait to watch your email list build, your community blossom and your sales boom!  

All love,

Louise x

P.S. In my Wise, Wild & Wealthy Woman Sistermind, I combine deep transformational mindset work with practical business training because I wholeheartedly believe that to be successful in business you need in-depth support in both of these areas. If you’re an online coach or service-based professional and are ready to stop hustling in business and secure consistent clients and income, this is for you.


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